Friday, February 13, 2015

A little bit of filler

As I sit here and sift through all the movies i've watched sense last summer, getting ready to post reviews for them, expect my long over do Guardians Of The Galaxy review in the next few days, as well as afew others.

But in the mean time, though i can't the version of this in HD and color anymore, or with all the music that got put in, there is the utterly heartbreaking and totally twisted original ending to the cult classic, that is infact a remake of a cult classic, Little Shop Of Horrors.

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

There is also this take available online that takes up at the start of original version of "Mean Grean Mother", this version is in color and HD, not sure why the uploader didn't add the alternate take of "Supper Time" with Audrey and what happens to her, but, some is better then none right?

Well enjoy this little alternate take on a cult classic thats a remake of the cult classic, for those that have never seen it, i hope you enjoyed it, and for those that have, i hope you also enjoyed it...

Anyway, back soon with all the reviews i been storing up....