Saturday, May 22, 2010

Downloading Guide Redux

So, awhile back, I did a short guide to downloading, and sense then, and with alot of help from my friend Mojo who did alot of the leg work, I can now bring to you all a newer and more refined list, with alot more sites, and the removal of a few that have sort of fallen by the wayside sense our last list was compiled. So here we go, with alittle help again, from my friend Mojo, is a list of the best and safest places to download... Also look in the comments, people are welcome to post ones they find are helpful, I'll edit and add them to the list....

First off, there is this site, BTRACS this is a site that lists what torrent sites are open for registration, it lists what type they are,  its a great resource thats come in so very handy for me. Also VCD Quality is an immensity valuable tool for finding what is real and what is not in terms of releases that are out at any given time. So make sure you bookmark those two, they're like your bibles.

Ok now for the general up to date fresh stuff, these are mostly for if you want a direct download or just wanna know what the best and newest releases are. Also, had to leave rlslog off because they've become a known attack site, but I have found some rather good replacements for all around general stuff, movies, tv, music and programs and the like... Ok so here we go...

General Use and Direct Download Blogs
these will have direct downloads, as well as links to torrents and such

Scene Release
SceneFlux (alot of french stuff here too)
Download Box

Movie Torrent Sites
alot of these you need to sign up for, but its worth it given the content, some are restricted, some are super harsh on the ratios, just keep yourself inline and you'll be all set.

Cinemadeddon (the BEST grindhouse movie site on the net)
EuTorrents (all movies from europe, latin countries, former soviet countries)
The Pirate Bay
Supreme Speeds
Torrent Bully

There are alot more good movie ones, but these are the ones I tend to find myself at the most, alot of them have tv too, which is nice, but I like to be picky about my tv stuff... which is the next part..

Television Torrents
these will be general and also stuff from other countries and stuff, I'll list the english ones together and the non-english will be in the foreign torrent listing, which will be later...

Diwana (aussie and new zealand tv series exclusively)
TheBox (the best british television site of all time! stuff from now and the past insanely sourced)
UKNova (british stuff only, huge listings of uk radio as well)
Cartoon Chaos (great for rare and super hard to find toons, not alot of anime)
CanadianTorrents (all canadian programing old and new)
IrishTorrent (all music and television and movies related too and from Ireland, lot of hidden treasure here)

Foreign Language Torrents
I'll group these by country or region or whatever... I seriously need help with this section, so if you happen across or know some good ones of other languages, post'um in the comments, it would be very helpful.

Asian Torrent Sites
Asian Torrents (all asian television and movies torrents)
D-Addicts (all Asian Drama series torrents)
Asia Torrents (all asian television and movie torrents)
BakaBT (near as I can tell, this is what used to be Box Torrent)
TV-Nihon (Anime, Japanese action series and cult programing)
Tokyo Toshokan (anime)

Arabic Torrents
Arabits (some english language, but 95% arabic movies, music and television)

Brazil Torrents
Brazilian Torrents

Argentine Downloads
Taringa! (this is a great site for movies, music, and other stuff related to the country of Argentina, its set up more like a forum then a torrent site, but thats alright, you can fumble your way through with even just a basic or below basic understanding of Spanish.)

Ok, anyone thats got anything else, please post in the comments and i'll add to the list, and in afew months, i'll do a 3.0 of the list and go from there...

so till then, blessid be



Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Entertainment Shit List

Every so often I need to let off some steam, and sure, The Reality Shock does a great job of keeping things in order and letting me constructively vent alot of my anger and disdain for people in the industry that I love so very much, but sometimes, I just can't contain it to just that, and when that happens, well, I just gotta take the AA-12 off single fire and go fully automatic and let it all fly where it may and not care about the damage. So with that said, its time to let off some steam and cut loose, after all its good for the soul they say...

So with out any farther delay, here is my current entertainment shit list.

My Entertainment Shit List

Uwe Boll, because he sucks at everything but sucking. Well and I guess he also is able to beat up 17 year olds who blog about how bad his movies are, but really would you brag about that, cuz Boll does.

NBC Network, they canceled Heroes and just make so many poor choices, I mean really, you thought Knight Rider 2008 was a good idea? Really? Too bad all your stuff is sinking like the titanic, seriously, when is the last time you looked at a ratings sheet for The Office or 30 Rock? Idiots.

Jay Leno, Chingate, thats all I have to say.

Joe Jackson, this is one of the worst human beings ever to have walked to earth. He is a vile little money hungry media whore who needs to be shot dead.

Nancy Grace, try doing a news show not about a missing young missing white girl sometime, or the next time you do a show on steroids and professional wrestling, do your facts on your "list of dead wrestlers" before claiming they're all steroid educed and you get embarrassed on tv when called on it. Idiot. Also get a new haircut, you look like that little homosexual boy on the dutch boy paint cans if he were to grow up and be a transsexual.

The guy at BBC that canceled Survivors, seriously? yet Law and Order UK is still on I don't understand how that works, I really don't.

Robby Flay, hey Bobby Flay, fuck you! yeah, seriously fuck you! You, your better then everyone else attitude and how you think you're a better cook then every other cook on television can go to hell.

MTV, I remember back when you all showed music videos, now all you do is show crappy reality shows based on crappy things no one cares about, oh and south park reruns, you know, because thats just so what music lovers need. Shit atleast VH1 tries to make their crap somehow music related.

Snooki and The Situation, these two are the reason for the downfall of all western civilization as we know it. Honestly, if aliens were to come here and study our culture, they'd take these two, cuz well I'm pretty sure they're both used to anal probing, and then they'd run like hell. Between her hair and his Abs they'd scare away any chance of first contact that didn't involve a probe and their anal regions. Also, how in the fuck do you get a name like "The Situation" in the first place? Its not like you can be born with that kind of a name.... I hope.

Saturday Night Live, hey, SNL cast, remember back in the 70s, and the 80s, and the early to mid 90s when you were funny? No ofcourse you don't, because no one that remembers those days would ever bother watching you and your horrible attempt at "comedy" that is the current cast. Whats more funny is, you'll be making 35 years later this year, but yet, the actually funnier MadTV only lasted 14... I don't get it, I really don't.

Megan Fox, first off HAHAHA Micheal Bay doesn't want you for Transformers 3, so there goes your career, secondly, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD, STOP TALKING! Stop talking to reporters, stop doing interviews, stop answering the phone, stop communicating at all, the less you open your mouth, the less chances there are of you saying ignorant shit that makes the rest of us fear for the future of the human race. Honestly, you're worse then that girl that said Twilight created Werewolves and Vampires. Just shut your gob and look hot. Idiot.

Miley Cyrus, for the love of god, we know you're gonna be the next Dana Plato now that you're 18 and your stuff isn't selling so well, so do us all a favorite, hurry up and get to the whole posing nude for penthouse, then overdosing in a trailer in the middle of nowhere already, we as a collective are already.

Lady GaGa, you are NOT Jerrica Benton, no matter how hard you try, and no matter how many drugs you take to make you think you are, you don't own a massively complex for 1985 computer called Synergy, or a rockin roadster, you didn't win any sing offs against The Misfits, you are just some drugged up googley eyed club kid who's completely fried on drugs. Also, stop dressing like a tard, Bjork can do it because she's Bjork, you haven't earned the right to be cute, icelandic and completely insane like she has.

Mike Lazzo, hey, Mike Lazzo, you ran Cartoon Network into the ground, then you ran their Adult Swim offshoot into the ground too, you're like the most worthless human being next to Joe Jackson, honestly, you don't care what viewers think, and then you laugh and mock them for leaving your programing, mocking the viewers for not wanting to watch the completely horrible trash you put out, then mocking them more when they stop watching your horrible programing is not cool, you should be shot for when you ran almost 12 hours a day of Scooby Doo related programing.

Dudley Moore, fuck you, you worthless drunk.

Steve Martin, when did you stop being funny? For that matter, other then your old King Tut bit on Saturday Night Live, and the movie Parenthood, when exactly were you ever funny? STOP MAKING MOVIES also, stop making horribly bad bluegrass, you're an insult to bluegrass music.

The guy who works at ABC Family that canceled 10 Things I Hate About You: The Series, honestly, I have no idea what is going on over at that network, I really don't. Its like NBC but different. Its like every time they get anything thats a hit, that isn't some mopey formula cookie cutter crap show, they cancel it. They've done this going all the way back to their begining with the series "3 Moons Over Milford", they did it again with the awesome "The Middleman", and they did it just recently with the brilliantly funny modern version of the old cult movie "10 Things I Hate About You", it was a great unique little sitcom that wasn't really all that formula, but was just really cute and funny, plus, Lindsey Shaw.. mmmm...

Kris Allen, I hated you on American Idol, and I hate you still you talentless wanna be singer songwriter, I want to punch you in the face everytime I see you or hear you.

Justin Beiver, honestly, I do not get this kid. He's not that talented, he's not that complex of a songwriter, he's just some kid with Jonas Brothers hair and bad teeth, I just don't get him I really don't.

John Lithgow, I hate this guy, he over acts in EVERYTHING, and you know it would be different if it was good over acting like Shatner, but its not, its horrible over acting, like if they couldn't afford Shatner, they would get Lithgow. I hated him on that crappy sitcom he had for awhile, and I hated him in every role of his that we've all as a general population forgotten he was in.

Larry The Cable Guy, fat ignorant racist, seriously, the next time you have someone write a book for you, because I'm about 98% sure you're not able to actually read, let alone know what a book is, ask them not let let you call middle eastern people "sand niggers" so much, well actually to be fair, ask them to omit alot of your racial slurs, they're just plain sickening, and you aren't funny.

David Ross, YOU. ARE. NOT. FUNNY.

Eric Wherehiem and Tim Highdecker, you two are horrible human beings who should have no place at all infront of a camera, or writing for or even on television in general, nothing you people have done has ever been funny, and never will be, you two, and your pimp Mike Lazzo, are a cancer on the human race that needs to be removed before you can infest anything or anyone else.

Jeff Dunham, you stopped being funny awhile ago, like before Sarah Silverman stopped being funny.

ok thats enough of my shit list for now... I might post more later...



Monday, May 10, 2010

My Ten Favorite Movie Soundtracks

So I been kind of going back to roots lately, diggin in the archives and getting back to my reasons for loving movies as I do, its no secret that movies have been a huge part of my life for, well for all of my life really, and well i needed a refresher course in just why exactly. And among the many reasons I do, I was reminded that just as much as the actors or the cinematography, or directing or story, what drives a film alot of times is its soundtrack. A soundtrack will define a film more then anything, its the backing sounds to the greatest scenes, and the centerpoint of many a scene, its really pretty incredible, just think about it for a second, what would the Rockie Horror Picture Show be with out music? Or The Godfather? Or so many others, most movies of the 1980s and 1990s, wouldn't be at all worth what they are today, with out their music, now yes, you can argue that alot of films are musicals, but still, they count, a story is a story, musically based or not. So with that in mind, I felt like it'd be fun, and give me some time on the blog here, to write up my ten favorite soundtracks and why. And again this is just my own personal favorites, not saying they are the best of all time, because well, obviously that would be an impossible list....

ok here we go...

10. Shaft (1971)

Its hard pressed to find anyone in the last two generations that doesn't know this song, even if they don't know the music, they know the lyrics, or some hacked up bastardization, of the theme to the iconic 1971 powerhouse that was Shaft. John Shaft changed the whole game, not just in how black men were played in films, but also how music was made for films, opting to go with then up and coming Issac Hayes (Chef on South Park to you musically ignorant or kids so young you think Stephenie Meyer created werewolves and vampires), long before he was the late great legend of soul music that we know him as today. Issac took us directly into the heart of the inner city, giving it heartbeat and the fuel that would make John Shaft and iconic character and one of the most successful as well. Hayes' music fueled three films and a short lived tv series based on the character, well, 4 films if you count that horrible remake that wasn't a remake with Sam Jackson, but well, I don't. Its really such a simple but brilliant mixture, you take an iconic character who is a strong, proud role model for those like him, someone thats kind and gentle to those who need it, who's strong and forceful when needed, and always ends up in a hot tub full of the sweetest honeys that a brother could ever ask for, and team him with the funkiest beats and smoothest sounds you could ever imagine, its how magic is made they say...

9. The Burning Train (1980)

Hailing from Bollywood, where its seen as being an almost but not exactly remake of the american film "The Big Bus" which has a somewhat similar plot, this film would later be remade in America as "The Runaway Train". The Burning Train was to many an Indian Blockbuster, starring an all star (for Bollywood in the early 1980s) cast, it follows the story of a super fast railway train that catches fire on its trip from New Delhi to Mumbai, and those who attempt to stop it as it thunders down the rails at super high speeds, now sure, it doesn't really sound all that exciting, and to some its not, but what makes this movie memorable, is the soundtrack, all way ahead of its time new age, pop synth, and early attempts at electronica, which really for 1980 is WAY ahead of its time. The film is at times unbearable to watch, but the music alot of the time makes up for that factor, so if you ever feel like having a really good laugh at a somewhat hilarious in a non-intentional way Bollywood classic that has an incredible cutting edge soundtrack 20 years ahead of its time, go on, give The Burning Train a shot.

8. Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Say what you will about this film, there are those who love it, and those who hate it, but there is one thing no one can deny, Saturday Night Fever defined an entire generation, it defined their style, their culture, their music, and love it or hate it, the film has possibly the greatest soundtrack of the late 1970s, with some debating that maybe the soundtracks to Grease, Tommy, and Shaft might be its only true challengers for that title. Fever was the perfect film for the time it was released, a film about how the youth just want to dance and live their lives, almost a decade before Footloose took the same concept to an entire new level, it defined style for both men and women, style that extended long past the short lived Disco Era and still is felt today, and ofcourse, the film catapulted the brothers Gibb, more well known as The BeeGees, the main stay of the soundtrack itself, to super stardom, and rightly so, even though this soundtrack plays like a sort of greatest hits of theirs, mixed in with alot of other well known and afew forgotten acts, there is no denying the power of it all, I've said for years this film deserves to be loved and respected, not laughed at and hated, and thankfully, looking around pop culture these days, alot of others are starting to see the same thing. Oh and ignore the sequel "staying alive" its... so wrong.

7. Tommy (1975)

How can I make this list with out adding Tommy? Honestly, did any of you out there really think I could go on with out mentioning the story of that deaf, dumb and blind kid who sure plays a mean pinball (haha, see thats why I picked Pinball Wizard for the song.. I'm so funny... kinda.). For those of you out of the know or too young to know that Lady Gaga is really just a drugged up club kid pretending she's Jem from Jem and the Holograms, Tommy was a film created during the era of what we called "Rock Opera" where a band would create a film simply to showcase songs they've written for the film, there might be one or two that were hits beforehand, but 98% of the time it was all new original material created for the film and nothing else, now you'd find alot of these rock operas on the stage, mostly on Broadway or the UK version of Broadway, or various theater districts from around the world, it was in a sense, bringing rock and roll into a new crowd, and expanding it, at the for front of that, was Tommy, a film by classic rock band, The Who, taking the pre-video game rage of Pinball and turning it into a means for expressing their allegory for Jesus Christ to express their belief of the youth of the world bringing in a bright new future. Tommy was, and still is, a massive hit the world over, with massive famous and soon to be famous people appearing through out it, a young Eric Clapton, a young Tina Turner, and ofcourse Ann Margret sliding down a slide of baked beans out of a tv screen for some reason, just to name afew. Seriously, if you're one of the 20 people in the world thats never seen Tommy, get your cinematic on, like NOW.

6. Harold And Maude (1972)

Beyond all others on this list, Harold and Maude might be the one that has had the most personal effect on me as a person, this is just one of those perfect films, from the perfectly acted and written characters, to the just simply amazing Cat Stevens soundtrack, Harold and Maude tells us the story of how its important to live, even if we feel like we want do die because we just don't fit in, its a story of misfits, death, and rebirth, and how to fool a woman called Sunshine Doors into thinking you've ritually killed yourself for fun. Its the story of an unconventional love, between Harold, a young depressed rich child who's family really doesn't notice him or understand him, this leads him to want to kill himself and his obsession with death in general. He drives a hearse, and later converts a jaguar his mother buys him into a hearse as well (the one in the clip above), one day, he meets Maude, a holocaust survivor who lives in a converted box car and drives a vespa scooter around town, it tells the story of the love they have for each other, and how Maude teaches Harold about life, and how its important to live life to what you want, not what others tell you, and to not let anyone ever tell you you've failed simply because you aren't doing what they believe you should do. This movie influenced me alot in life, my outlook on life and death, my want to own a hearse, and some say my love of older women too, but thats debatable really. But if you haven't seen this film, you really must, its so very important to history, and you'll really love the soundtrack to it.

5. The Muppet Movie (1979)

Now, sure, many of you can argue that this might be a silly or kind of stupid choice, a kids movie starring a bunch of puppets who sing and dance and are able to be around a bear that isn't funny at all with out wanting to kick his ass on a daily basis, but you have to understand, this is on the list for two reasons, 1.) Jim Henson was an incredible influence on me and my life, how I look at the world, how I look at those around me, all of it, I look at with one eye belonging to that of a wise old sage, and the other eye being wide and full of wonder like a child, Jim was a visionary and a man of magical wonder who was taken from us way too soon, and i for one miss him and his dreams greatly. The songs of The Muppet Movie, the opening song of The Rainbow Connection there, is probably the best example of Jim's work in all of his muppet films (the other greatest example being "Let Me Be Your Song" from Fraggle Rock), music about dreaming, and reaching for those stars even if they feel so far away, and if everyone is trying to push you back down and make you feel its not worth dreaming over because they believe it impossible, Jim made the impossible possible, and he knew why kids like the great taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, its important that we never loose faith in the magic behind the messages Jim and his creations of felt and googly eyes, and thats why i felt the need to put them here. I know some will disagree, but, oh well.

4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Remember me talking about the concept of a Rock Opera? Well this is another of those, and though some might say Tommy is the definition of that genre, well, come on, nothing from that era can really stand with Rocky Horror, though to be fair, most aren't aware of the fact that in theaters, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a massive flop. It was a bomb, even in an era of drug induced rock cinema, Rocky Horror didn't really became the beloved camp classic that we all know and love to this very day, until a revival theater in Boston started midnight showings on Halloween in the late 1970s, which quickly became the massive phenomenon as it is now. For those who aren't aware, here in America, its customary to go to a number of local theaters, normally revival theaters, where you dress up as a character from the cast, and there is this whole interactive thing with tossing rice and water guns and toast and all sorts of stuff, its a hilariously good time. But that aside, the soundtrack is really just amazing, and so much fun, I mean I don't think there is a person alive that doesn't know how to do The Timewarp, or can't sing atleast some of Damnit Janet!, or my personal favorite, the opening theme, as you can see above, Science Fiction Double Feature. Also, avoid the sequel Shock Therapy, its..... umm... yeah.

3. West Side Story (1961)

The classic modernized retelling of Romeo and Juliet, at first glance tells the story of love most forbidden amidst two warring gangs in 1950s New York City, one Spanish, one white, and how they fight through ballet and song, because thats how gangs fought in the 1950s, back when white kids weren't trying to be anything but white, and Spanish people sang and danced on rooftops instead of lifting weights in parking lots to reggatron (ease up I'm joking, unless you're a juggalo, then you can go to hell.). But it goes deeper then just that, its a story about love, and war, and dance and song yes, but its also a very direct statement about racism in the 1950s, I am not sure how many people realize that, but this film is kind of blunt and upfront story of racism, the two gangs don't get along because they "just don't like the other kind", the cops harass the Spanish gang alot more, the brilliant and lovely song "America" is a pretty blunt in your face story of just what you get in 1950s America if you're not american, as well as how each group and their friends and family deal with the love between Tony and Maria, the main story of the movie, and what most people take away from the film. Its really a lovely timestamp of the era of tride and true musicals that didn't rely on any form of audio magic to make some big name actor able to sing, this was back when they'd make a star out of someone fresh off broadway just because they needed someone believable, or true to the role, its such a lovely film really.

2. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

Now I bet alot of you are wondering, if this is number two, what is number one, well we'll get to that, sit tight. But for now, lets have us a look at this lovely big of musical driven film shall we? The Wizard of Oz was sort of the 1930s answer to like, The Breakfast Club, or 10 Things I Hate About You, or anything generation defining that way, and alot like those films, believe it or not, The Wizard of Oz didn't really do all taht well in theaters. It didn't really hit its stride until Television aired it in color. Alot of films from the 30s were that way though, Its A Wonderful Life for instance, so don't look down on the film because of it. The Wizard of Oz really is in a class by itself, its soundtrack has become as iconic as the film itself, and with all the legends and myths and rumors around it, it will always be one of the most beloved and remembered movies of all time, and the film that taught us all how to look to the sky and dream of somewhere over the rainbow, where anything is possible, and impossibility is reality, Now I do give this film alot of crap for being so different then the book its based off, but when you think about how all they really did was change things so they'd show up as color, thats alright. But still the soundtrack remains one of the most beloved and sang to this day, I don't really think i know anyone thats never heard "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" or "If I only Had A Brain" and afew others too, its just such a lovely an iconic package all together. So love it.

1. The Big Chill (1983)

This film is one of my favorites of all time, it really is, it isn't a musical, like many on this list, its just a film thats soundtrack just as important as the film itself. For those of you who have never seen The Big Chill, first off, shame on you, secondly, its a film about a group of aging friends, all between 40 and 50, as they gather to say good bye to the first of their group to die, its a touching, lovely tale of love, of life, of loving what has been in your past and your present, with out having fear of the unknown that is the future. It teaches us to embrace and love those who have traveled through life with us, and all that we've done along the way, and embrace that we don't know just how long we have left on this planet, and to make sure that we live each and every day, and as we go, we live for ourselves, we live for those who are with us, and we live for those who have passed on, remembering and sharing their lives with others, because passing on our stories is how our loved ones who are no longer with us will always be remembered. This film was ment as a way of expressing that the babyboomers of the post world war two era had fully grown and were heading into the future, it takes us on this trip with an incredible who's who of 1950s and pre-hippie 1960s music, with rock and blues and soul we fly through their lives, and its just an amazing, amazing film. If you haven't seen this film, you really should, its just amazing.

Well thats my list of my personal favorites, again, not the best of all time, so don't go damning me here, but, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writting it, so until next time...