Saturday, May 22, 2010

Downloading Guide Redux

So, awhile back, I did a short guide to downloading, and sense then, and with alot of help from my friend Mojo who did alot of the leg work, I can now bring to you all a newer and more refined list, with alot more sites, and the removal of a few that have sort of fallen by the wayside sense our last list was compiled. So here we go, with alittle help again, from my friend Mojo, is a list of the best and safest places to download... Also look in the comments, people are welcome to post ones they find are helpful, I'll edit and add them to the list....

First off, there is this site, BTRACS this is a site that lists what torrent sites are open for registration, it lists what type they are,  its a great resource thats come in so very handy for me. Also VCD Quality is an immensity valuable tool for finding what is real and what is not in terms of releases that are out at any given time. So make sure you bookmark those two, they're like your bibles.

Ok now for the general up to date fresh stuff, these are mostly for if you want a direct download or just wanna know what the best and newest releases are. Also, had to leave rlslog off because they've become a known attack site, but I have found some rather good replacements for all around general stuff, movies, tv, music and programs and the like... Ok so here we go...

General Use and Direct Download Blogs
these will have direct downloads, as well as links to torrents and such

Scene Release
SceneFlux (alot of french stuff here too)
Download Box

Movie Torrent Sites
alot of these you need to sign up for, but its worth it given the content, some are restricted, some are super harsh on the ratios, just keep yourself inline and you'll be all set.

Cinemadeddon (the BEST grindhouse movie site on the net)
EuTorrents (all movies from europe, latin countries, former soviet countries)
The Pirate Bay
Supreme Speeds
Torrent Bully

There are alot more good movie ones, but these are the ones I tend to find myself at the most, alot of them have tv too, which is nice, but I like to be picky about my tv stuff... which is the next part..

Television Torrents
these will be general and also stuff from other countries and stuff, I'll list the english ones together and the non-english will be in the foreign torrent listing, which will be later...

Diwana (aussie and new zealand tv series exclusively)
TheBox (the best british television site of all time! stuff from now and the past insanely sourced)
UKNova (british stuff only, huge listings of uk radio as well)
Cartoon Chaos (great for rare and super hard to find toons, not alot of anime)
CanadianTorrents (all canadian programing old and new)
IrishTorrent (all music and television and movies related too and from Ireland, lot of hidden treasure here)

Foreign Language Torrents
I'll group these by country or region or whatever... I seriously need help with this section, so if you happen across or know some good ones of other languages, post'um in the comments, it would be very helpful.

Asian Torrent Sites
Asian Torrents (all asian television and movies torrents)
D-Addicts (all Asian Drama series torrents)
Asia Torrents (all asian television and movie torrents)
BakaBT (near as I can tell, this is what used to be Box Torrent)
TV-Nihon (Anime, Japanese action series and cult programing)
Tokyo Toshokan (anime)

Arabic Torrents
Arabits (some english language, but 95% arabic movies, music and television)

Brazil Torrents
Brazilian Torrents

Argentine Downloads
Taringa! (this is a great site for movies, music, and other stuff related to the country of Argentina, its set up more like a forum then a torrent site, but thats alright, you can fumble your way through with even just a basic or below basic understanding of Spanish.)

Ok, anyone thats got anything else, please post in the comments and i'll add to the list, and in afew months, i'll do a 3.0 of the list and go from there...

so till then, blessid be




  1. Hey thanks for this review LOL or whatever it is :P I'll bookmark it so anytime i need to download something (on torrents i would say) I can use any of these addys :)

    Thanks a Lot BC!

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