Thursday, March 19, 2009


Who Watches The Watchmen?

When you speak to comic book readers, the older ones, about the greatest story ever told, you'll get many different responses, for me it was the dark phoenix saga as told in the x-men comics in the early 1980s, the story which was prison raped into a B-story then left to dead in the lake near the last house on the left by the abomination of movie making that was X-Men: The Last Stand, and even more of them, will tell you the greatest story ever put into comic book form is The Watchmen. An iconic cold war allegory written by Allen Moore, that spans from world war 2 America all the way till the story's violent start in 1985, it tells the tale of two generations of superheros, the first being The Minutemen, who would later gave way to The Watchmen. Its a dark and twistingly beautiful tale of how ultimate power can lead to ultimate insanity.

It all starts with the death of a man called The Comedian, a former hero of sorts, who was killed as brutally as he lived, which was, in an ironic way, the most fitting way for a man like that to end his life, when you are a “hero” who wasn't so much a hero as a mentally unstable killer and rapist, it kind of makes sense that he will in time probably die that way, which he does, after a brutal fight that is set beautifully to “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, he is, well, tossed out of a window plummeting 62 floors to the street below. As I said, a fittingly violent end, to a violent life where everything was a joke... atleast to The Comedian.

As The Comedian lays dying on the dirty sidewalk outside of his upscale new york city, his blood running into a gutter and his trademark smiley face pin becoming stained with blood, one of the most familiar images of the entire series, even to this day, the film shifts to a beautifully done series of “captured moments” going back to the early 1940s and the dawn of the superhero as this world knew it, all the way to current times, all set perfectly to Bob Dylan's “The Times They Are A Changin”, I loved this scene so much, because it says so much, and so much of what the story is really about, the changing of our world over the 40 year span that the movie, you see the early days of the comedian with his first group “The Minute Men” in the early 1940s, you see their work, their triumphs and their downfalls, and their fading away into the past, you then see the rise of Doctor Manhattan, the man comprised completely of nuclear energy, which leads to the creation of The Watchmen, you see their wins and losses and rise and fall all the way into the early 1980s, when third term president Richard Nixon (yes you read that right) outlaws superheroes, at which point they all retire, well all except for one apparently, Walter Kovacs, the paranoid and completely insane vigilante known as Rorschach, who you meet as he investigates the death of The Comedian, and through an internal monologue you find out just how deep the paranoid burn for blunt and unyielding justice that fuels the fever mind of Rorschach really goes. As he looks around the apartment, eventually discovering where The Comedian hid his superhero gear, and realizing who had infact died, he starts to place together a theory that someone, for some reason is killing off superheroes, or “Masks” as they are called by many apparently.

Next you move from the dark and violence of that, to a happy scene, this is where you meet Hollis Mason, the former minute man known as Nite Owl, writer of the book “Under The Hood” a book telling many behind the scenes and unknown to the public things about the public and private lives of The Minute Men, of which, as of 1985 the only one's left alive are Hollis, who by the end of the comic book is killed by a gang of super villains called The Knot Tops, but in the movie remains alive and running his auto salvage, towing and repair yard, Sally Juspeczyk who goes by Sally Jupiter, or her superhero name The Silk Spectre, Sally retires from The Minute Men when she becomes pregnant with her daughter Laurie, who would grow up to become the second Silk Spectre who would later go on to help found The Watchmen, Sally now lives in a retirement community in California where she keeps her suit in a glass case and all of her pictures from her days where she was not only a hero, but a sex symbol, framed on the walls, she spends her days answering letters to her fans, at one point laughing in a flattered way when one of her fans sends her a very valuable adult comic book which depicted her having sex in various ways with various men, which her daughter claims to be filty, in the comic she quips that there are a lot out there of her daughter as well, and one where they “team up”, however in the movie she just laughs at her daughter's reaction. The last of The Minute Men left alive is Byron Lewis, The Mothman, who though you don't really meet directly, its explained that he was locked away in a mental institution do to his mental illness (implied to be schizophrenia) becomes out of control do to his almost at times crippling drinking problem. The other Minutemen are stated as dead by Hollis, Dollar Bill, apparently was killed when his cape was stuck in a revolving door when he was stopping a bank robbery, he was shot repeatedly and killed by the robbers. Captain Metropolis, the man who its implied “founded” The Minute Men, was killed in a car accident in 1974, it was said that his head was chopped clean off his body, in the comic its implied that he is in a homosexual relationship with Hooded Justice, who apparently “disappeared under mysterious circumstances” in the movie there is no mention or implication of their relationship, Silhouette, who was forced to retire after she was outed as a lesbian in pre-sexual revolution America where being homosexual was viewed as many as a crime, which is why Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis kept their relationship a secret, Silhouette and her lover are both murdered in their bed by villain seeking revenge on her who happens to find her lifestyle an abomination, he infact writes “lesbian whores” all over their bedroom walls in their blood, in the comic its explained that they were murdered, then cut from their crotches upwards with what seemed to be a small but powerful cutting tool, in the movie this scene appears in the opening montage set to The Times They Are A Changin, and is just shown to be a violent murder with their bodies laid together and the statement written in blood over the bed, it was, thankfully, toned down, the last of the Minute Men, The Comedian, as we all know, died a the beginning of the film.

You find out that Hollis is telling his story to Dan Dreiberg, the man who took up the name of Nite Owl, and was forced into retirement when Richard Nixon passed the “no masks” law, which made superhero activity illegal. Dan sees Hollis as a sort of mentor of sorts, both as a childhood fan who was able to take up his hero's mantle, and not only live up too, but surpass what his childhood hero did, but was able to earn his own place in the history of superheros, Dan is the only person that Rorschach actually views as a friend, and its said that the two of them were a crime fighting team before the formation of The Watchmen. Dan is implied to be a sort of Batman, meaning a middle aged man with a seemingly unlimited amount of money who lives alone in a large home and has a secret lair under his home with a secret entrance, where he keeps his suit, gadgets, equipment and his mode of transport, a flying pod like transport ship he calls “Archie” which is short for Archimedes, the pet owl of Merlin The Mystic of Arthurian Lore. As he is leaving Hollis' home they speak of how The Comedian had died, Hollis expresses his dislike of him as a person, but respect for his need to get the job done, he then asks Dan if he misses being a superhero, Dan thinks for a moment and answers a very unsure “no.”, Hollis smiles and then bids his friend good bye, this is the last time you see Hollis in the film, its implied he's alive, though as I said, in the comic he's beaten to death later.
Dan comes home to find his door broken and partly open, he his heroic senses kick in and he slowly looks around the house with out making a sound, hoping to surprise whomever has broken into his home, thinking maybe an old supervillain, a common burgler or a drug addict looking for a fix, he is apparently not surprised to see his old partner Rorschach sitting in his kitchen eating beans. Its implied at this point that Rorschach is actually homeless. He tells Dan of his theory that someone is out there killing heroes, saying it has to be someone who knows who The Watchmen are, and that it has to be an inside job because only they know each other's identities, Dan snaps that no one knows Rorschach's, or even what he looks like under the mask. Rorschach dismisses this and heads down to where Dan keeps all of his Nite Owl equipment, as he walks around noticing the thick layers of dust on everything, he tells Dan that an attack on one of the watchmen is an attack on all of them, and though they were ordered by law to retire or face jail time, he's never stopped fighting for justice, and says thats what a true hero would do, fight for what is right no matter what. He then hands Dan the bloody smiley face pin he lifted from the gutter where The Comedian died, and left Dan's home in an angry state.

We then follow Rorschach as he breaks into a military base where he is to speak with the last two people on his list of names to speak with, Doctor Manhattan and the second Silk Spectre, who infact live there, given that they are a couple. As he sneaks in, Rorschach muses to himself of how there are no real heros anymore, they're all either to old, out of shape, dead or afraid of what they used to be. Before Rorschach walks in to speak to Manhattan and Spectre he says “I now have to tell a man who can not die, that someone is planning to kill him”. He finds Manhattan working feverishly on a giant reactor which will bring about free unlimited energy, the way they made Manhattan look in thie film was always one of my biggest worries when world had come around there was going to be a watchmen movie, believe it or not its very hard to picture a naked man who is made of blue glowing energy working in live action movies, however thanks to modern CGI they did so beautifully, my only real quip would be that he needed to wear the speedo like he did in the comic book, the fun of uncomfortable chuckles from everyone around me when you see Manhattan's glowing CGI crotch area wears off after the first few times. Through his conversation with Rorschach you find out that Manhattan, or John, to most, basically exists outside of our concepts of time, space, reality and knowledge, he can see the past, present and future, and as you find out later in a kind of funny pseudo sex scene, he can be in many places at once. Manhattan refuses the help Rorschach, claiming he is unable to see the future past the next few days for some reason, and speculates it has something to do with a possible nucular war that is hinted at as the movie's b-story wiping out the entire world. Rorschach accuses Manhattan of no longer caring what happens to human beings and states that he's becoming less and less human everyday, for which the Silk Spectre tells him off and asks him to leave, when he refuses claiming that before he goes he needs to tell Manhattan off, Rorschach is teleported by Manhattan to the gates outside of the military base, where he walks off angry into the rainy night.

Next you see Dan going to meet the last member of The Watchmen, Ozymandias, now a billionaire who is known as an international playboy, philanthropist, industrialist and champion of world peace and free energy, he is also the man who you find out in a flashback formed The Watchmen in the late 1960s or early 1970s, its not exactly clear when, its implied that Ozy, as he's called for short, and Rorschach have some bad blood, which is why he doesn't even bother to contact him but seeked out everyone else, Dan tells Ozy of Rorschach's theory of a superhero hunter out there, which Ozy dismisses, assuming its just the ramblings of a paranoid sociopath who is looking for one last shot to be a hero. Dan states that the theory makes a lot of sense given recent events and that he really had only come just to warn him, given that he is the most public profile of all of the former Watchmen, and unlike Manhattan the other highest profile of them, Ozy is still just a human being, and that he can be killed just like one. After that Dan is next seen going to dinner with the Silk Spectre, with whom its implied at this point there is a strong attraction between the two.

With all of the major cast members now introduced the film starts to tell you their story, both jumping between the films setting in 1985 and various points in the past, you get to see the history of both The Minute Men and The Watchmen, both the good and the bad, you get to see The Comedian attempt to rape the first Silk Spectre, as well as his murder of a Vietnamese woman who is pregnant with his child in a bar after the end of Vietnam as a puzzled Doctor Manhattan, who was sent by Richard Nixon to end the war, looks on, after Manhattan yells at him and says he has no regard for human life, The Comedian states that be doing nothing to stop him, Manhattan is the same way. You also see the early days of The Watchmen, and how they play out their roles through history in this world, as well as the return to action of both Nite Owl and Silk Spectre, at one point Manhattan while in deep thought of if he is really human anymore at all, outlines the time line starting from the 1940s to their present day. You also finally get to see under Rorschach's mask as he's finally caught after being framed for the murder of a former villain, the prison scenes are some of the best in the film, not just because of the midget that gets murdered in the toilet or how hot Silk Spectre looks kicking the crap out of rioting inmates and guards when she and Nite Owl break Rorschach out of jail, but because you get to see just how insane one man can be, plus after the phych evaluation and story of Rorschach's first case as a hero, you see just how far gone he really is, its scary in a way, but still you can't help but love the character and how well he was transfered to film.

I won't give away much more of the film, instead I will now express my likes and dislikes of it, simply because I feel if I give more of the film away, it'll be ruined for anyone that hasn't been waiting sense 1986 for this movie, and well I would really hate to do that, for its really something worth seeing, yes its almost 3 hours long, and yes it can be both violent and disturbing at times, but still, it is a beautiful adaptation of one of the greatest comic book stories ever told. I loved so much about the film, from how Rorschach's mask kept changing shape, to mimic how in the comic book its never drawn in the same pattern, ever, to how realistic Manhattan looked for blue glowing naked man who sometimes wore a speedo or a suit. Almost all of the elements from the comic book are jammed into the film too, which I think is really good, readers who have been waiting to find out if the kraken appears, I hate to drop the spoiler on you, but it does not, but thats alright, the film adaption works just as well with out it, plus one less action scene worked better for the progression of the story, atleast I thought so, there are afew other scenes from the comic that are missing, Ozy's last scene for instance is cut short and doesn't have the monologue, but really it doesn't take away from the film at all, nor do the other scenes that were left out, which makes a lot of sense really, movie goers who weren't aware of the comic and how it was written would have had issues with following the story as well as the “Tales of the Black Freighter” story with in the story, though its been stated when the dvd is released, there will be a special edition that will feature an “ultimate” edition, which will have the story with in the story, as well as all the removed scenes except for the Kraken, which the director honestly believed wasn't that over all important to the story itself, and though I did enjoy the scene in the comic, I must agree, it didn't really seem to fit the flow of the movie, and given the time and care put into making this as realistic and true to the comic as possible, literally going panel by panel using the comic as a guide to set up sets and poses as close to their original drawings, I could see someone not wanting to ruin that with a kind of hokey fight with a big squid.

My only real complaints where with little cosmetic things, like the Watchmen toys scene in Ozy's office are made by today's super modern toy making technology which, well the hight of toy making tech in 1985 was making the original transformers, which as any fan will tell you, 90% of were bricks with movable arms, there is no way they were even close back then to replicating the way toys are made 20 years later, other little nitpicky things were that Ozy's computer was way to advanced for the time period, and that the hearse that drove the comedian's body to the graveyard in his funeral scene was a 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood by Superior, which was not available in 1985. I ofcourse mention these things only because I like to point out the bad as well as the good, even in a film that I rave about, I would hope that these minor things do not take away from your want or even just curiosity to go and see this film. Infact infact I hope i've made you want to see it more then you did before, and if not, I encourage you to go anyway, because its truly a piece of beauty. I wouldn't harold it as better then say, The Dark Knight, but its in the same vain, which I'm sure many people will enjoy, and its enough realism that even those who aren't comic book fans will enjoy it. So please, if you are able too, go out and find the answer to the question that everyone has been asking for years; Who watches The Watchmen.



Burying Brian

Burying Brian: A Comedy About Death

As hard as it might be for some of us to believe, or atleast admit in the company of others, death, is funny. Its like the punchline to a timeless cosmic joke, thats why there are so many movies, and television series done, where death is the focus, and though some are funny for just how unrealistic and bad they are, like say, the Weekend At Bernie's movies, which exspect you to think that rigor mortis didn't set in for atleast two weeks, where in lackluster, even for the 1980s, hilarity attempts ensue, or to the early years of the series 6 Feet Under before it got all pretentious and post Allen Alda behind the camera M.A.S.H like, there are countless others in the same vain, attempting to make a comedy out of the idea of death, one of those such things is the New Zealand television series Burying Brian, which I had the pleasure of sitting down and watching straight through recently. To be fair though, to say that Burying Brian is a dark dramatic comedy about death isn't exactly true. Its a dark dramatic comedy about death, love, friendship, family, devotion, new beginnings, and putting Asian thugs in jail for a very long time.

The story focuses on the Welch family, Brian, the father, former rock star who's prise possession is his gold record from when is band was “world famous in new zealand” as they say there, he now spends his time at home doing computer programing work, getting drunk and getting high, and sometimes recording new songs he writes on his min-DAT and producing them on his computer. Brian is depressed given that his life isn't what he expected it to be at almost 40 years old, with a family, a wife, and as he puts it, the most boring job in the world, this is the reason he's constantly drunk and high, to deal with his depression over what never was, this ofcourse leads to problems with his family, most often his wife, Jodie, who feels she has to not only raise their two children Josh and Kendall, but her husband too given that he has shown no effort to so much as clean up the house while Jody is gone during the course of the day. Jodie, Brian's wife is an overstressed mother who feels trapped and that she's slowly loosing control of the things in her life, between keeping her children on the right path as well as having to care for her husband who she feels is ungrateful for all she does, she has very few outlets for which to escape from what she sees as an overwhelming amount of things to deal with alone, she keeps to just her three close friends; Gerri, Theresa, and Denise, whom she has known most of her life, they mention as far back as upper middle school but its implied they've known each other longer then that, and sees her once a week nights out with them as her only means of an out from what she deals with at home.

The series starts with Jodie coming home to from her night out with some friends, she's lost her keys and has to break into her own home through a window after finding that no one's answering the door, she climbs in through the kitchen window, which wakes up Brian, who is hugging his bong on the couch, he's startled, Jodie starts to yell at him for doing nothing while she was gone, they get into an argument, and Jodie finally kicks Brian out of the house, she claims she can't take life with him anymore, he says that she's not a joy to live with either, and then, all the frustration she feels inside is let out as she starts to toss things at Brian, a coffee cup knocks his bong out of his hand and breaks it on the floor behind him, after Jodie runs out of things to toss at him, she grabs his prised gold record off the wall and tosses at him, as he catches it, he slips in a puddle infront of the refrigerator door that he'd left partly open, he spins around and lands neck first on the shattered bong, killing him.

Jodie panics and flashes back to the start of the night, when she was getting ready for her night out, which leads to an argument when she yells at Brian for leaving their refrigerator door open, leaving a small puddle on the kitchen floor that she slipped and almost hurt herself in, this argument continues until Jodie runs out the door for the cab she's called, then it goes to her meeting up with her friends, they are the real core of the cast, as they talk about everything from sex to marriage you find out about their lives and their relationships with each other. Gerri is a high level advertising executive who, unless reminded seems to never really have time for anyone, she's single and makes no real issue of it, she's also known to sleep with certain people to get ahead in business, she has an assistant who is trying to ruin her out of jealousy. Theresa is a school teacher and wife of a high level detective, she's the mother of a teenage girl named Alex who, unknown to her parents is dating Jodie and Brian's son Josh, Theresa's husband Pete, is moody and abit headstrong do to his frustration on trying to put away a local drug dealer who murdered one of his friends, Theresa claims they have the perfect marriage. Denise is the quiet one who stays in the background, For most of the series her friends even admit they don't really know anything about her, they haven't met her husband, or her children, or even really been to her home, she is a hair stylist who works out of her home, she has afew children and is married to a parking control officer named Warren, who we find out later in the series, after she can't take the stress of hiding her life from the others, beats her, controls her and demeans her any chance he gets.

As their night goes on, they get onto the subject of if they could, would they end their relationships, after a lot of joking around Jodie says “well the only way I could get rid of Brian is to kill him..”, she then explains how logically the only way she would be able to survive with out him would be if he was dead, because she wouldn't stand the idea of him with someone else, and she would never wish the problem that he is on anyone else, so she says again, “the only logical answer, would be to kill Brian...” to which everyone laughs, she then, under the influence of abit to much alcohol she says “I wish he was dead” rather loud, well loud enough for everyone in the bar to hear her. Soon after, they all decide its time to leave, and after Jodie is dropped off at her house, is where the story picks back up to current speed...

In a panicked state, believing anyone that heard her state she wished her husband dead or how the only way to get out of her marriage would be to kill him might speak up if it was ever reported he died and that she could go to jail for murder, despite the fact it was an accident, Jodie calls her friends, of who all but Gerri show up, and after some very funny scenes of them attempting to dump the body in afew different locations near by, they finally find the only place they can bury him is the common area behind the house. The next morning Jodie realizes that she can see where they buried him from the kitchen window she'd had to break into the house through the night before. Soon her friend Gerri arrives, and the four of them work out a plan to make it seem as if Brian had left with another woman, a plan that actually fools the police, including Theresa's husband Pete.

From there the series spins between funny, dark, dramatic and meaningful, you find out the whole story of their lives and how they intertwine, how the stress of their secret almost pushes them apart forever, With out giving away to much of it, you see how one secret can bring to light many dark little secrets that are kept between friends, and how even though them coming to light can cause anger and friction and distrust, in the end, when the only real family you have to speak of are your lifelong friends, you do whats right and you stick by them. Jodie speaks of that in the final scene of the series when they finally have a funeral for Brian, she speaks of how she realized that though she at times hated him, and what he'd become, she realized just how much she missed him, and that she was glad that in the end, she had learned to be a better person, a better mother, a better friend, and that she was going to make the most of her new chance at life. They all walk out together, eluding to the fact they are all bonded tighter then before and that from Brian's death, a new beginning was ready to take place. In a sense, the circle of life, from death, brings destruction, from destruction, comes rebuilding, and from that comes a new start. I think that is what one takes away from this series, that life is, in a sense, a circle, that keeps spinning around it doesn't matter if its a boring circle or not, all that matters is no matter what, in the end, you start at the beginning again, sometimes with a new life, thats better then the one before, but what you make of it is up to you.

As for production, its rather high end, but not much different from the stuff you find in countries outside of the united states, sets are actual homes, other locations are filmed on location, gives you that sort of, happening in real life vibe which I love so much about foreign television and we lack here in America. The cast is very enjoyable together, though they would probably be completely unknown to you unless you were someone that kept up with international television, or were originally from or living in New Zealand or the countries that they share programs with, Shane Cortese, who some will know as Hayden Peters on the slowly becoming an international cult series Outrageous Fortune, plays Brian, who you actually start to kind of like and understand through the flashback scenes, a sort of “likable jerk” if you will, and well, you kind of chuckle at just how good of a dead body he plays for 90% of his screen time. Jodie Dorday played Jodie rather well, its very hard to play a person thats slowly going out of their mind but doesn't realize it even though everyone around them does, she's a perfect match for the role and complements the rest of the cast well, to show just how geeky I am, I instantly recognized her from her days of playing Solari on Xena Warrior Princess and from when she played Maddison McGuire earlier in 2008 on the aussie mock reality series Mark Loves Sharon, which I loved immensely, she also played Kentucky Sue in the shortlived Bruce Campbell and Angela Marie Dotchin series Jack Of All Trades, but apparently I'm the only one on the planet that remembers that show. Carolyn McLaughlin, who plays Theresa Donnelly does such a good job in the role that you wouldn't really be aware that its her first starring role and only her second actual acting job, she mostly does Sound editing for a living apparently, I'd have never actually known that had I not looked it up, she's a very good actress, its very hard to play the emotional and rational center of a series, its one of those jobs no one really wants, she does it effortlessly. Ingrid Park, who has been acting off and on for afew years though this is her first starring role, plays Denise Crowley very well, she has the whole repressed and ashamed of her life thing going on, and when Denise finally snaps, she plays a very good crazy, which like I said earlier, is hard to play right. Rebecca Hobbs rounds out the core cast as Gerri Marchand, the somewhat easy fast living one who has her life flipped upside down by the end of the series, she as well hasn't really done a lot of acting but seems to be very good in the role and a good fit in the cast. Stand outs on the secondary cast are Craig Hall as Pete Donnelly, who I recognized right off as Nicky Greegan from Outrageous Fortune and from an obscure NZ comedy called “The Strip” from afew years back that just knowing of proves how big of a geek I am, he plays Pete as a mix of bad cop and awesome cop that knows sometimes you gotta work outside the system you work for to get anything done, he also has that “don't piss me off or I'll kill you” thing going on, he interacts really well with the other stand out of the secondary cast, Joshua Leys, who plays Josh Welch, the oldest of Brian and Jodie's two kids, through the whole first half of the series Josh is made to seem like your average loner pot smoking teenager who doesn't really care about anything, and by the end you see that its all a cover as he states that with his dad gone, he has to be the man of the family now, you also see how adult he can be when he deals with Pete, who wants to kill him for sleeping with his daughter, but in the end comes around to him, I found the interaction between the two to be some of the highlights of the second part of the series, infact the scene where they're trying to write out a “Break Up Letter” from Josh to Pete and Theresa's daughter Alex after Pete finds out about them sleeping together is hilarious.

I guess this series on some level could appeal to all, its got enough comedy to make you laugh, enough drama to make you care, and enough of everything else to keep those who aren't into laughing or feeling ways about stuff happy, so I'd say give it a try if you feel up for something different. However, you will have to download it, or buy the dvd and ship it to you, given its limited episode run, only 6 episodes and only one series, its very doubtful that anyone would pick it up and air it here on the other side of the world, but if you're in the know on where to watch or attain television from around the world give it a try, you might enjoy it. If nothing else it'll give you a laugh or two.



Movies I Love: The Brave One

"When you love something, everytime abit of it goes, you lose abit of yourself..."
- Erica Bain, "The Brave One"

Its no secret that I've been somewhat disillusioned with 97% of whats been put out by Hollywood in the last few years, its been this eclectic hodgepodge of quick fix action movies with no plot, or movies that are just done to keep a certain actor or actress in the public eye so hollywood can force them and their persona into our everyday lives until we all can't help but care who's sleeping with who, and who's doing drugs in public, and who's in rehab and all of those things that spiral down the dark ride into an Inferno of a Divine Comedy that only Dante Alighieri himself could fully grasp the concept of. So in layman's terms the last few years of movies put out by hollywood have been complete crap, and anyone thats read my work or knows me knows how strongly I feel about this.

Now, I will admit there were afew that stood out as exceptional for me, after all something has to make up that 3% of good I listed above, and among that number stands this movie. The Brave One. A somewhat forgotten post coming out of the closet Jody Foster movie that sadly lasted less then 2 months in movie theaters. Though I can't understand why, it was so very incredible and moving in a unique way. Though most critics who didn't pan it (of which I am one if you remember my year end awards) sited it as Jodie's most violent work to date and possibly her most hard edged as well, and though most shot her down for this, I, among others in the cool kids section of the critics pool (that place we don't let Roger Ebert because he pees in the pool and is also a bad smelling fat douchebag) praised Foster for picking this as her "comeback" movie after finally coming out of the closet and admitting publicly she is a lesbian, though one would argue for hours if sexual orientation should be a factor in the kind of roles one gets in hollywood but thats a side point. This was a great reboot point, it was so different, and similar but contrasting to so many of Foster's signature roles.

The Brave One is akin to those grindhouse bad ass/revenge movies where a seemingly happy and cheerful person adopts a second life of a dark and violent killer in order to avenge the traumatic death of someone they loved/Family Member/Entire Family. So its kind of in the vain of Christina Lindberg's Thriller: A Cruel Picture (or as it was called in the states "They Called Her One Eye"), or Taxi Driver, or to a lesser extent the Deathwish movies among others, or for the less obscure reference point, its a mix of the 2004 tough guy/comic book movie The Punisher and Micheal Douglas' greatest movie (I think anyway) Falling Down, with abit of Kevin Bacon's Death Sentence tossed in, you know, for flavoring.

Jody Foster plays Erica Bain, a popular new york city talk radio show host who walks the city with her recorder recording the sounds she hears as she goes (called a Flâneur by those who get paid to do it), and talks of the things she saw and how they made her feel and what they made her think about as she uses this to express her love of her home of New York City in hopes that it can maybe help bring the city's people together in some way. Personally, she has a great life, a big upper scale appartment in a good neighborhood where she lives with her soon to be husband David and their dog. One night while on their nightly walk through Stranger's Gate (a park in new york city), they are ambushed by three career criminals who record themselves as they violently beat and rob the two of them, also taking their dog and leaving them for dead in the end.

You find out that Erica survived the attack but David did not, this sends her into a deep depression and a strong sense of paranoia to where she won't leave her home for a short time and jumps at every little sound. She eventually is able to leave again and after afew visits to the police station which led to her believing that the police didn't care about catching her attackers or about what happens to her now because she couldn't ID the men who did the crime, she decides to buy a gun incase they came back for her as they had her home address and such. Finding again a roadblock with the waiting period to buy a gun in America, she decides to buy an illegal one instead from a back alley in Chinatown. From here she spirals slowly into a world of vigilantism by first accidentally coming across a robbery of a small local store and shooting one man dead after a short but very intense cat/mouse scene with in the store itself, one of the best photographed sequences in a movie of this nature that I've ever seen, though admittedly every scene of that nature in this movie would qualify as one of my favorites, they're so realistic and beautifully shot, one of that extreme close up on a zooming bullet or slowed down for impact stuff thats so common place these days, you get the feel it would actually look and feel as intense in real life, so amazing. The scene ends with Erica running out of the store on pure instinct, and oddly, a new found confidence in herself.

Erica next decides that she is going back to work with her new confidence in full swing, and after a small yelling match with her boss (played by a rapidly aging Mary Steenburgen) she sits down at her microphone and after a small pause out of what seems like fear, she transforms from optimistic city dweller, to a chillingly serious, and kind of sexy in a commanding kind of way, mouthpiece for those who are tired of all the crime and violence in New York City, she mentions reading about the shoot out in the store in the paper and harolds the killer as a hero who is taking back the streets that the if the police aren't willing too do so, then someone else has too. This brings a flood of calls and outraged listeners to flock to Erica and cheer on her speaking what they were all thinking all this time. This also brings her to the attention of Detective Sean Mercer (played really well by Terrence Howard who most will know most recently as James Rhodes from Iron Man or from the lesser seen but very amazing August Rush as Richard Jeffries), the two meet as Erica decides to start to cover the recent "reign of social justice" this unknown vigilante has been bringing about, as a news story, instead of just doing her normal human interest work. Erica interviews him, then he tells her of a case involving a local criminal syndicate boss he's trying to send to jail when they are finished and the recorder is off. The two meet up for coffee and to exchange information through out the film, there is infact a great scene near the end of the movie where with out actually saying so, Erica tells Mercer that she's the one killing criminals, and he with out saying so, says he knows and is ok with it.

As the movie progresses you find Erica going out and being more predatory, actually going out at night in her black hooded sweatshirt and black cloths going to places that you would find criminals and killing them with out so much as a blink of an eye. In central park she comes across a man who is keeping a prostitute drugged up and in the backseat of his car for many days with nothing but the drugs he's been giving her in her system "for his pleasure", he mistakes Erica for a prostitute and asks her to get in the back of the car and "give her a good time", Erica's new predatory nature kicks in and after she's in the car and the guy brags about what he's doing, and after seeing him hit the girl for begging Erica to call and get her help because she's dying with nothing but drugs in her system. Erica fakes that she is going to have sex with this woman, in a very sexy but very dangerous feeling scene before she shoots him in the leg and kicks the doors open to free them both. The guy, enraged starts the car and tries to hit them both, Erica drops him with several shots from her gun and as he dies behind the wheel, he turns the wheel and hits the girl Erica saved from him before crashing his car into a ditch and dying. Erica drops the drugged up and now hurt girl at an ER door and heads off. When asked who saved her, the girl claims she wasn't able to tell because of lack of food or water and all the drugs in her system, but she recognizes Erica when she sees her later in the film when she goes to visit her with Mercer but doesn't let him know, as to not get Erica arrested, though when they have a moment alone, she thanks her and tells her how happy her family was to know she was ok.

Next Erica sets a trap for two men who have been robbing subway trains recently. She reads the story in the paper, and under the guise of recording sounds for a piece she's doing for work, waits on the train that the reports say the robberies are happening on. When the two men finally make it to the subway car she's sitting in, as you watch them bully, abuse and rob the rest of the people onboard, you wait in almost frenzy like anticipation for all the other riders to leave so she can kill these two with no witnesses. As predicted, when everyone else is gone, they move toward Erica, one pulls a knife and after some short lines of complete vulgarity, she shoots one dead in the crotch and then shoots the other in the back as he runs away. The only problem is, this time she forgot to turn off her recorder, and has it all on tape. Which she sits at home and listens to over and over in a mix of shock, fear and excitement at the proof that she is, indeed a killer, this is where she comes face to face finally with her other side, and eventually comes to terms with it, and decides she is doing what is right, because no one else will.

With out giving away more of the movie, you follow Erica as she takes out criminals that are above or unknown to the law as she does what she feels is her social duty, until she spots her dog in a park. Which leads her to finally hunt down the man who killed her soon to be husband and almost took her life just as Mercer gets proof that it was actually her doing all of these recent killings. I won't give away the ending but it I will say it was a great way to end a story of this nature.

Its funny, you find yourself seeing everything through Erica's eyes and feeling what she feels, and actually wanting her to kill these people because they truly deserve to be put to death, and you find yourself getting more and more angry at the current state of the police with their seeming lack of wanting to deal with anything that won't put them on the front page of a newspaper or on the evening news shows. It makes you want to get mad, it makes you wanna snap and just start cleaning things up because no one else seems to give a damn.

I have no idea why The Brave One wasn't as big of a success as it should have been, its a movie that brings out so many emotions and tells so many stories all at once, and just strikes you down to the core, its just mindblowing how good this film really is, and its filmed in a way that just makes you feel like you are there everything about this movie is amazing. If you haven't seen it yet, honestly, you must, its just so brilliant and so prominent and poignant that its almost an insult to film itself that you don't see it.

here is the trailer, you'll see what I mean...



Movies I Love: The Spiral Staircase

My grandfather used to take me to this old revival theater up in Keene New Hampshire when I was young, some of my earliest memories of the movies were at that theater, seeing all the lavishly made films that were so grandus in story and stars, I miss those days, and though many of those movies are forever burned in my mind, and I shall write on them later, I felt this should be the first, after all, this was the first movie my grandfather took me to there, so it only seems fitting right? I'm just lucky that my first there was such a great movie, 1945's "The Spiral Staircase" one of the first non-german named movies of director Robert Siodmak, and is said to have been a favorite of a tubby little man some of you might have heard of by the name of Alfred Hitchcock, I heard he made those moving pictures or something, but I can't find any list of his work, so he must not be that great.....

.... yes I'm joking...

Anyway.. the plot of The Spiral Staircase is pretty great, its based on a book and a radio play that starred the amazing Helen Hayes, both called "Some Must Watch", its name was changed to reflect a key scene when it made it to the movie screen. There were some changes made, mostly minor except the lead character is mute in the movie, not crippled as in the book and radio play.

The Plot is basically this, its 1915 in a small unnamed town in New England (its implied that its in New Hampshire given the exterior locations) there is a serial killer going around killing disabled young girls, a path that leads directly to Helen Capel, a mute girl who is in the employ of rich but unable to get out of bed Mrs. Warren, who along with the house staff's doctor and many others who work for the Warren family beg Helen to go into hiding until this is all over, but she refuses to do so, even after a murder happens with in the Warren House itself. The movie is set in the backdrop of this really large gothic looking mansion in a thunderstorm as Helen attempts to survive not only the killer who she believes to be inside the home itself, but her own paranoia and that of those around her as well and last the night.

It might sound contrived and played out like an atari 2600 by today's standards, but you have to remember, in 1945, this was the hight of psychological thrillers, and still to this day, newer viewers feel chills that go down their spine at the very watching, it plays with your perceptions and senses, it makes you think you see things in dark corners and flashes of thunder that aren't really there, you feel almost transported into the world. There is alot of visual symbols too, the silent movie "The Sands of Dee" by director D.W. Griffith (the director who made the insanely offensive silent film "The Birth Of A Nation" in 1915, about how the Klu Klux Klan "saved" america from a black over run south.. yeah I was offended writing that too) is used to kind of bring you into the world of a mute, and help you understand what life is kind of like for some one like that, a pretty good choice of reference, even if i don't exactly agree with the director who was picked, but I guess Chaplin was under contract somewhere else at the time or something.

The movie stands still as one of the best examples of a thriller and is studied by film students even today, its been remade twice to my knowledge, in 1975 as a theatrical starring Jacqueline Bisset and in 2000 as a tv movie starring Nicolette Sheridan. And was seen as a vehicle for Dorothy McGuire and showcased the brilliant Ethel Barrymore, one of the early actors in the very famous Barrymore acting family.

I know my discription is very vague and not really helpful for some, but well, I don't wanna give it all away, there is alot to see in this film and I'd really hate to spoil it for anyone thats not seen it yet. So if you're up for an awesome older movie thats just so beautifully crafted it'll make you mad at today's attempts at film making, give this one a shot. Hitchcock did and look where he ended up.



Movies I Love: Powder

Now before you say anything, yes I am well aware of the somewhat unsavory history of director Victor Salva and how after his jailtime was served his movie directing career has pretty much been shoved down a toilet that flushes acid on it, or whatever other metaphors you can come up with for the Jeepers Creepers movies. And yes I know many people dismiss his work because of the controversy around him and his past, but I have to tell you, for each person that does that, you are missing out on one of the greatest movies ever made. I'm not saying that as a fan, I'm saying that as a man thats spent almost all of his 31 years studying film. The nature of the film, the characters and the casting of pre-boondock saints (yes its on my list too!) Sean Patrick Flanery in the lead role, the make up, the imagery, the minimal use of special effects to tell a sci fi story, all of it... Its just so amazing.

For those of you that haven't heard of, never saw, or were boycotting Powder, let me kick some plot knowledge your way, so you have an idea of what you've been missing.

Powder is the story of Jeremy Reed, a teenager who's mother, while pregnant with him is struck by lightening, being in her later months induces labor, she dies shortly after giving birth to Jeremy. Apon seeing that his wife's dead and his newborn son will be an albino, Jeremy's father leaves him at the hospital, the boy is left in the care of his mother's parents, who raise him on their old farm on the outside of town, his grandmother home schools him as to keep him from having to be put though the horrible teasing that smalltown people can give someone who's different from them in any way. infact until his grandfather's death of a heart attack, no one knew that Jeremy was even alive and living there. Until he called for help explaining his grandfather had just died. This leads to a local police investigation too find out what happened, leading to the discovery of Jeremy. This leads to the first meeting with Jessie Caldwell, a social services worker who is the first to see one of the many amazing things Jeremy can do, she picks up one of the books that are on the many shelves in the basement that is Jeremy's home, she asks him if he's read them all, he says "pick one at random then give me a page.." she does so and Jeremy demonstrates for her that he has every book completely memorized to the point he knows each page word for word.

Not wondering if there was a reason for Jeremy's living unknown and undiscovered for all of his life, the local sheriff and Jessie put him in the care of a local group home and enroll him in high school. Much as Jeremy's grandparents feared he is teased and tormented horribly for being different from the rest of the kids there, apparently none of the people involved in this case actually stopped and thought the idea of dropped a very strange and physically different child into the horrors of an american smalltown high school would be a bad idea. While at school Jeremy meets Donald Ripley, a science teacher who discovers accidentally through the use of a machine somewhat like a Tesla Coil Jeremy is literally a magnet for electricity, the machine's electric current literally shoots across the room and knocks Jeremy out of his seat and holds him in the air as it just seems to dump 1000s of volts into him, much to the shock of Ripley and the other students. This causes Ripley to want to do more tests, and all but one of the children to shun Jeremy more then they were before, thus making him even more of an outcast. "They call me Powder" he said explaining to Jessie why he wanted to go home and be left alone.

Ripley's tests came back, and not only does he discover that Jeremy's I.Q is off the scale, he also has a number of amazingly unique abilities that no other human has. Not only can he attract lightening and electricity, but he can discharge it too, infact they discover that was what happened to his grandfather, he was trying to save his life, using his hands to shock him back to life, he also is found to have telekinetic powers, later on we discover other powers of his; telepathy, empathy, physics, and the ability to make one feel the feelings of others be it human or animal. Jeremy continues to state he just wants to go home and be left alone, that he can't stand the other children teasing him and keeps repeating himself of how he just wants to be left alone and wants to go home. And ofcourse, they just see it as normal teenage social problems, because well, lets face it, people are stupid that way.

While at school Jeremy meets Lindsey Kelloway, a beautiful redheaded girl who seems fixated on him, she befriends him and he can tell through his empathic ability she has feelings for him "I think you are the most beautiful thing i've ever seen" she says to him. They spend alot of time talking, Jeremy explains to her that all humans are connected, "they can't feel it.. but we all are.. every single one of us the world over, we're all connected.. most just don't know how to access it.." he says to her before her father, being the typical scared smalltown person he is, drags her away from him and demands she never see him again, because you know thats just how southerners roll. With his only friend, and the only woman thats ever even noticed him for who he is gone, the tormenting gets worse for Jeremy and yet still he's not allowed to just go home and live in peace.

On a mandatory outing to the woods things get worse, Jeremy wanders off from the sheriff and the main group and discovers the bullies who spend their time tormenting him out in the woods with the chief deputy and some hunting riffles he's brought with him. The deputy who's always had a dislike of Jeremy tells him to go back to the group and not tell anyone what he's seen "or things will just get worse" and states "no one would believe a freak like you over me anyway.". One of the bullies aims a gun at Jeremy who stands there unscared as the boy threatens him, claiming he doesn't like his eyes, because they don't show any fear and look right through him, as his friend tries to get him to put the gun down he yells "go suck off your old man, I'm tired of this freak!" at this point a gunshot is heard in the background which not only sends them running to look, but also leads to the most unsettling scene in the whole movie. As the boys and the Deputy huddle around a deer that lays dying with a bullet through its neck and is slowly bleeding to death, as the deputy is explaining how it wasn't a clean kill and that you would have to snap the neck of one like this if you did it on your own. Jeremy walks up through the group with a strange look in his eyes, he puts one hand on the deer and starts to cry, as he does, he grabs the deputy's arm and transfers not only the deer's entire life worth of memories into him bt also the pain its feeling in its last moments alive, he holds him there connected to the deer until it dies. The Depty jumps back and recoiling in fear runs off screaming, the bullies follow him, leaving Jeremy there to comfort the dead deer and the woodland creatures around him. The Sheriff later states "I don't know what you did to him, but my best deputy went home and sold all his guns and refuses to carry one or go on patrol anymore.." in reference to what happened.

The rest of the movie is more of the same until one of the bullies is hit by lightening and Jeremy, regardless of how they treat him, brings the boy back to life, Jeremy finally leaves seeing as even though he showed the boy that tormented him the most kindness by saving his life when he really didn't have too, it wouldn't stop them all from looking at him like he was a freak and shun him for being different. The movie ends with a very meaningful speech about how the world doesn't really know what a real gift from god is, and when they see it all they want to do is study it like a labrat or shun it for being unlike their kind. Jeremy runs off into a field on the side of his family home and with a light rain coming down and a loud roar of thunder and a flash of lightening striking him, Jeremy is gone. the flash of light he disappears in spreads out like a shockwave and as it passes through the three people there who tried to talk him into staying in town, the Sheriff, Jessie and Ripley, they feel a strange sense of peace and joy, as if Jeremy has left a part of himself in them, and I'd assume anyone that shockwave hits.

I know to many this movie was seen as sort of a sci fi jesus alagory as to state if Christ were to be alive today he would be shunned and mistreated and feared for being different, but it goes beyond that. It becomes a movie about how we need to become more connected to each other, and how we need not fear things that are different then us, because we never know just how much we are missing. its a great message that you need to kind of sit down and think about as you watch the film and abit after.

So if you want something enlightening, with an excellent cast of at the time mostly unknowns and hasbeens just doing an amazing job at bringing this gem to life, you really must see it. You really won't be let down.

and if you need more convincing... the deer scene...



Movies I Love: Somewhere In Time

Somewhere In Time (1980)

Few movies be them new or old, have ever actually moved me, like emotionally moved me to the point I honestly feel that I am a changed person for having watched them. One of those movies is the cult followed but often forgotten or overlooked "Somewhere In Time", its mostly known to the movie world as the movie Christopher Reeves used to follow up the insane hit Superman with, and because of that, its remembered as being a complete and utter flop at the box office. But as most cult and true classics they didn't really became renounced until their coming to vhs or in some cases until dvd. Somewhere In Time always had followers, the sappy and those who love a good love story and such, but in recent years its become the favor of classic movie lovers. Though thats in part to the somewhat alike movie "The Lake House" another misunderstood but beautiful in its own way film from 2006.

Here is the basic plot of the movie quickly before I go into detail. In 1972 a playwrite named Richard Collier is at a party after a play of his opens to rave reviews, a rich old woman walks up to him, hands him a pocket watch and says "come back to me." much to his puzzlement. Move ahead 8 years, Richard by chance finds himself at a hotel called "The Grand Hotel" and becomes entranced by a strangely captivating photograph of a mysterious, beautiful young woman, with some asking around and finally a conversation with a man named Arthur Biehl, who's lived at the hotel most of his life, he discovers the woman is Elise McKenna, a famous early 20th-century stage actress. After doing more research on her, he discovers she was the woman who gave him that pocket watch in 1972, he also discovers that she died only hours after giving him that watch. This leads Richard to a local professor and down a path thats abit sci fi but also was based on an actual book released around the time the movie was written and is ment to take place.

The theory is basically this, though hypnotic suggestion, and surrounding one's self with things of a certain time period, one can effectively convince themselves they are in whatever time period they wish. Meaning if you were to lay on a bed in a room that has not changed sense say, 1960, and you were dressed and had your hair styled and everything down to the way they wore clothing and such in 1960, though a recording thats constantly repeating "you are in the year 1960, everything is at it was in the year 1960.." repeatedly, you will close your eyes and after awhile, you will apparently time travel back to that year. Yes I know the theory makes no sense at all and is basically complete crap, and never did lead to any actual claims of time travel by anyone that had the book, but, it makes for good sci fi love story plot device fodder, so just do the fireball theory and toss real world science out the window for a minute eh?

So the next bit of the movie involves Richard going around buying things that are original to the year 1912, the year and date that Elise came to The Grand Hotel, which also happens to be just about a day or so before the picture of her that hangs in the hotel. He sets about getting himself to work on this time travel business. He lays on the bed in a room which he found to have a man who's name and signature match his exactly, and after hiding his tape recorder and getting into his fresh to death 1912 gear, he gives it a try. And, as one would be led to believe in a movie of this nature, he actually does it.

From there the movie follows the love affair that Richard and Elise share, it follows them through her days acting out a play at the hotel's theater, to their time alone and how they just seem to connect, feeling as if they've known each other their whole lives and were just ment to be, its a beautiful story of love and how there is always someone out there for each of us, even if they lived before we were born, it plays alot on that conceptual idea about love as a whole, one that most don't like to read about or think about given the depressing nature of it. The movie is, as its ment to be, the ultimate story of love beats all, even time and reality. The movie comes to its bittersweet end when Richard drops a penny out of his pocket from 1980 which he was to use as his "Return ticket", the idea being looking at an object from the time you left is to bring you back to your original time period, which it does much to his and Elise's dismay. He tries and tries and tries to return but can't, you see him in 1980 in a frenzy trying to get back but can't, in 1912 you see Elise screaming and crying and whaling over his seemingly dead body, its a very heartbreaking scene.

The movie ends with Richard dying of a broken heart in the room he stayed in. He didn't eat or drink or move from that spot for a week or so, and simply just died from self induced starvation. The movie implies that the whole travel through time was all in his mind, and that somehow the power of love made it reality, given the paradox created when older Elise gives young Ricahrd the pocket watch in the begining, and thats the way most of the movie's fans love to think of it. I as well enjoy that aspect.

I know that to many Somewhere In Time might seem like a corny outlandish love story that is beyond any conceptual realm of reality and not overly well written out sci fi, but honestly, it doesn't really matter, the movie is a masterwork of grandiose and over the top love acted out beautifully by young Christoper Reeves and the insanely beautiful Jane Seymour (who still is insanely beautiful at almost 60 btw... gotta love them british milfs), and really in the end, thats all that matters, the story being told and that you can honestly feel for each character, regardless of who they are, and at the end, you feel as if you've become a better person for having watched the movie. You feel as if its true, that love can beat all, even time, space and reality, and that is just the most amazing feeling. And that is why I love the movie so much, in this era of online life and love, where we can literally be anyone we went to be or anywhere or anywhen, this movie is the kind of thing that just makes you stop and see things through a wider lense. So if you feel up for it, go ahead, give the movie a try, see what happens.

Oh and as an added bonus, because finding stills from the movie are REALLY hard to find, like almost to the point a person would shoot themselves in frustration... So I shall make up for that, with this scene, which is also very hard to find, so many home made music videos.... so little actual scenes.. the net let me down.. anyway, this is the scene in the theater, which most people say is one of the best scenes in the whole movie... so.. enjoy.... sorry that it cuts off right before the picture that hangs in the grand hotel is actually taken... stupid net people...



Good Bye Maila; My Love, My Obsession, My Friend

I wanted this to be my first actual post, because, well it means something to me, this woman was my friend, a good friend, and here we are, over a year sense her death, and I still miss her greatly... so my first post here is gonna be in tribute to my dear friend...

Originally Written on 10 January 2008

When I found this out today, that the great Maila Nurmi had passed away, I sat down here at my PC and I cried, not only as a long time fan, or as someone that saw her as one of the most beautiful women ever in all of creation, but also, I cried because there will never be another Maila, just reworks and rip offs... on of the greatest forgotten stars of Hollywood has passed, and if you don't know who she was, you should.

As a child, I grew up sneaking my way into staying up late at night to watch the local UHF channels (thats this thing from before cable kiddies) showing various "midnight movie" shows, there were so many and I've written of them any times, most know of Count Floyd or Elvira, ok well most know of Elvira, I grew up wanting to be one of those types of tv show hosts, the sarcastic adult humor, the making fun of the most gawd awful movies as they aired on the show, it seemed like such a great job. I did something kind of like it in high school, though to be honest it was really me and some friends ripping off the MST3K take on the concept. but still, it fits, I've been asked afew times by two different local channels to do a show, but each time either they want more then they should for the money they're offering me, or they just can't work out a good sharing me with my current work, who would buy alot of add time, time table. But I still hold out some hope.

In my research toward my dream back in the mid 1990s, I discovered Maila, I had recognized her from my many times of watching Plan Nine From Outerspace in which her beloved character of Vampira has a starring role, and I remember her being played by Lisa Marie in the movie Ed Wood which was about the director and making of Plan Nine, but I had honestly thought she was just someone that Wood had randomly picked up and talked into starring in his movie, Ed Wood wasn't known for his sanity as anyone thats studied him will tell you. As I looked into her, and into her work, I began to see just how amazing this woman really was, and somewhere along the way, I realized just how amazing and how truly great Maila was. From my early teen years I worshipped this woman, I was even able to get ahold of copies of the very few bits of her show that at the time were floating around. Word is that the same people that restored The Ed Sullivan Show and my favorite Dark Shadows, has done what they could to recover and restore maila's series The Vampira Show to its former glory, with rumors of everything from TVLand, to Sci Fi Channel, to that horror network i can't remember the name of, all wanting to get the show and air it to some degree, if they've been able to restore all of the shows and prep for dvd release though, i'm not 100% sure on, I just know if they do, I'll be all over that box set.

See, Maila wasn't just another host, she was THE host, so much of her is left on everyone from Elvira to even The Crypt Keeper that its almost insultingly sad, how little people know of her work, and the field she blazed, as well as being the visual inspiration for ABC's The Addams Family's Mortica, ironically, comic strip Mortica was the inspiration for the dress that Maila wore as Vampira, kind of a neat full circle there. I could go on and on for hours about Maila and why I find her so awesome and so beautiful and such, just ask my soon to be wife, she has to hear it most of the time, so to save you all from that, I'll just end this here and now...

From who could be your biggest fan in the entire world, Maila, good bye, I will miss you, and thank you for all that you have done for not just me personally, but for the world around us.



First Post!!

I decided to do a movie blog, aside from my music one, you know, cuz I can!

alright, more later, its like 4am... need sleep