Thursday, April 23, 2009

And I Thought Twilight Couldn't Get Any Worse....

See these guys? all homoerotic'ed up with their lack of shirts and lack of knowing they look like the cast of a dude on dude porn film?

Apparently they're "The Wolf Pack" in the new Twilight movie "New Moon" and they will apparently appear in the already written and being cast third Twilight film "Eclipse", they are, as you can probably guess, werewolves, because you know how it goes, where vampires go, werewolves apparently half the follow. Yeah, thanks for that underworld... ya friggin jerks.

Anyway I find this hilarious in a way, first apparently we find out that Werewolves are all of native american decent, which, i had no idea, you know with the werewolf myth starting in central europe before we ever knew there was an america and stuff, plus also, they've yet to confirm if they sparkle like vampires apparently do, another thing i'm not really used too.

I just, dunno, its all friggin hilarious to me, its like good lord, can you make this crap any more gay then it already was? Oh yeah, add a pack of shirtless firewater drinking werewolves... who happen to look gay.... yeah good job with that.



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