Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In Praise Of Ann Margret

In Praise Of Ann Margret:
Original Milfster

Long before there was ever an Angelina Jolie, or Megan Fox or whoever else who the basement dwelling nerds are photoshopping onto the bodies of porn actresses these days, there was a shining gem of hotness who even the dinosaurs were in awe of, I'm speaking ofcourse of Ann Margret. For ever 40 years this woman has been the definition of all american beauty, and still going... just amazing really.. as you can see here..

original cougar...

entertaining the troops with the uso in Vietnam..

All these younger think they're so hot actresses and singers should take some notes from Ann and her career, learn what its like to truly give as much to the fans as you get back from them. Respect for respect, love for love, thats how fame should work.. also, WTF go do a USO show once in awhile, and don't use the "its a warzone" bullshit, world war 2, 'Nam, all had A-Listers supporting the troops, whats all of your excuses?




  1. I've always thought she was a knockout. Even much older, you can see how much beauty she still has.

  2. My #1 celebrity crush for more than 40 years. Beauty, class, and talent in equal meaure. Be still, my heart.