Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Sad Good Bye To One Of The Greatest Ever: Liz Taylor

The Final Curtain Call Of A Siren:
Saying Good Bye to Elizabeth Taylor

Yesterday, the world of stage and screen lost one of the last artifacts of old world Hollywood, one of the icons that defined what a starlet is, while Veronica Lake, Jane Mansfield, Diana Dors, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe and their like were out there defining what a bombshell was, you had the more wholesome less in your face but still as beautiful types proving that women in hollywood could get work with out flaunting their bodies, holding up this front you had the likes of both Audrey and Katherine Hepburn, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Vivien Leigh, and ofcourse, the definition of wholesome early hollywood beauty, Elizabeth Taylor.

I've stated many times when Dame Liz Taylor's name came up in reference to classic film actresses, that anyone born after 1955 or so truly can't understand the impact this woman had on culture and film, we all just know of her from her many marriages and things that happened during the rise of the tabloid media as big budget business and her decline to roles on television and state around 1970 or so, sadly, that is all we know her as, the tabloid target of old world hollywood who rumors would dazzle us with insane headlines of marriage after marriage, and who knows what else the muckrackers would say, all she was to use was a relic who would stand up tall with a smile on her face and ignore the negativity of that medium, never once giving them much attention. Though in her later years she would be seen poking fun at her past, jokingly stating she could become a marriage counselor and things of that like, modern tabliod fodder could learn a thing or two from her life.

I often find myself envying those who were able to see her on the silver screen in her prime, for they got to see an amazing show everytime she stepped into scene. So many breathtaking roles and so many times she just stole scenes, it really makes me so envious of people that were able to see her liven the screen in films like "A Place In The Sun", "Butterfield 8", "Boom!", "Who's Afraid Of Virgina Wolfe?", and ofcourse, her defining role in "Cleopatra". Such amazing work, from such an amazing woman, who sadly, watched all of her peers slowly fade away and die, Liz knew she was of a dying breed, the first generation of Hollywood, the generation that not only invented Hollywood in the orange groves outside of Los Angeles, but defined what a star should be and should act like, even if modern stars have abandoned their lessons for the flash in the pan lifestyle were you are only as famous as your next big headline. The stars of today should learn a lesson or two from those like Liz Taylor, and maybe, if they're smart, they will.

May your soul finally rest Dame Elizabeth Taylor, you were one of the greatest there has ever been, and the greatest their ever will be, may you join the acting troop or heaven and be with all of those you've seen go before you... But always know, the path you forged will always be remembered... Rest In Peace dear lady.

And now, as I do in cases like this, here are some images of this amazing woman..

gonna miss ya Liz.... Tell Micheal the world is sorry for what they did to him when you see him...




  1. i love her she is my muse i love to paint and draw her and i'm sad that she's gone