Monday, December 21, 2009

Closed My Music Blog

I closed my other blog, mostly because I just haven't had time for it, i'd always say i'd redo it and revamp the whole thing and start posting there regularly again like I do on here, but i just never got around to it, and decided after not posting anything sense like july, it was time to give it an end, so i did.

Its sad though, that was my first personal blog i created, it was to be an offshoot of Surreal Soundz, the first blog i ever made, even of it was for a group, so it did hold a special place for me, but all things do in time come to an end, and i'd much rather just do that now then to wait until its like a year or more with out any real activity.

So with that said, here is to this place, may she always be full of posts, and may she always have readers who follow and love....



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