Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Doctor Who Series Trailer

Trailer for Matt Smith's first run as The Doctor

I still don't know about this guy, I don't, I mean sure, alot of it is because I'm a huge David Tennant fan, I mean like to the point alot of people i know say the character's personality and mine were almost identical, but still, I just don't know about this guy. Maybe its because I can't really find any of his work out there to compare to really, or, because I am just not ready to see the guy who has tied John Pertwee as my favorite actor to ever play the ironic role of The Doctor leave the show, I don't honestly know for sure. But there is just something I don't really get about this guy just yet, but to be fair, I was the same way when Tennant began, and sure, he was Jarvis Cooker in space with hot welsh and british girls, but still, he was awesome and beloved, and stepping into the shoes left by a man that the fans cried out to stay, really isn't gonna be easy. So I'm gonna give Matt a chance, I don't expect a brilliant thunderous cheer of joy and adulation, but, one never does know.

As for the trailer itself, it looks rather good, we know River Song will be back, and I guess someone on the writing staff felt the need to take the piss on the idea of the fans saying Matt Smith looks to much like Rob Paterson from Twilight, specially when paired with new sidekick Amy Pond who has a striking almost resemblance to Bella from Twilight as well, because there is a vampire episode, personally I find that hilarious that they'd poke fun at the fans with that, apparently there are more Daleks, but its Doctor Who, there has to be Daleks or it just doesn't work. Odd though, no sign of Jenny, The Doctor's Daughter (based losely on the character of Miranda Who, the character that Rose Tyler is also losely based on), I figured she'd show up next series, maybe do some traveling with her father, but I guess they don't wanna give everything away just yet, so there is hope still! But other then that, the trailer looks pretty alright, obviously there will be some fan nitpicking, but thats normal, so, really who knows what the future does hold? Maybe i'll be wrong about Matt not doing the role well.

But you know, i'll tell you this.. even if i don't love this series and Matt as The Doctor, I've been a fan sense i was 7 years old and wanted to be The Doctor just as long, so i'm gonna watch it no matter what. And I hope alot of the long time viewers will as well.



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