Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Short Guide To Downloading

As yo all know by now, I am a very large supporter of the concept of downloading media, and though i agree that if you enjoy something, you should buy it, but only if you feel its worth it, after all, to many tiems these days we buy a CD or go to a movie only be let down by it. These days money is tough for everyone around the world, not just here in the states, and feel as a "try before you buy" average, filesharing is excellent.

It also serves as a means to allow the more picky person, like myself, to discover movies, music, and television from around the world. To often american television, and i'd assume other countries feel the same way, that television gets boring when all you see is the same boring things, over and over, filesharing allows you to expand yourself, and your entertainment, be it musically, or television, or movies, there are so many things we just can't get otherwise, and really it just makes things so very very amazing and enjoyable.

With that said, i felt for the fun of it, I would like to share with all of you, abit of my download habits, and sort of my source book for downloading, in hopes that maybe anyone thats alittle unsure of how to go about this endeavor might have a guide. So with that said, lets go to it...

First off, you need a torrent downloading client, there are many, but I have found that the best is Utorrent, which you can download here. Its very high rated and praised, and rather easy to set up if you've ever set up a filesharing client of any sort before, its pretty straight forward.

Now we get to the meat of it, the actual sites that I find to be the best for this manor of downloading...Some of these might require registration or sign up via attempting via sign up limited period, or invite, but those aren't all that hard to get done.

first off, General Use Sites; this is where you'll find everything, movies, television, music, programs, video games, ect..these also have a large amount of direct downloads, meaning you can download the file directly from the post and bypass the torrents completely.

Scene Release
Release Blog
The Pirate Bay

Next is Movie Sites, now movie sites are pretty general as well, you can get alot of tv at them as well, but mostly these are for movies, so use as such...

Cinemadeddon (the BEST grindhouse movie site on the net)

And here is Television Sites, these are sites that deal in television from around the world, alot of these are sign up sites, mostly because they're specialized in stuff from certain countries, and well that stuff is kinda regulated.

Diwana (aussie and new zealand tv series exclusively)
TheBox (the best british television site of all time! stuff from now and the past insanely sourced)
UKNova (british stuff only, huge listings of uk radio as well)
Asian Torrents (all asian television and movies torrents)
D-Addicts (all Asian Drama series torrents)
Asia Torrents (all asian television and movie torrents)
BoxTorrent (anime)
Tokyo Toshokan (anime)

And thats it for now, there are others out there, I'm just having issues finding good foreign langauge ones, like spanish and greek and such... but with alittle energon and alot of luck, you'll find them out there..

but for now, that is all, hopely this is a help to you all, i'll be back tomrorow with torrents.. see you then!



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  1. thank u for the information o wise & noble mr. collins. we'd all be completely in the dark without u ;)