Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Forgotten Goddesses Of The Grindhouse: Tina Aumont

Obscure and somewhat forgotten given her brief 10 years or so in the spotlight, I have always found myself fascinated with Tina Aumont, the half french beauty that so many overlook as just another pretty face doing Italian exploitation films in the Grindhouse Era, but there is just something about her, I don't really know what it is, but she just captivates me, I can never pin down what exactly, She's kind of got this 1960s version of Zooey Drechenel thing going on, which could account for alot of it. Sadly though, Tina died in 2006, which makes these images both beautiful and kind of tragic....

So here we are, one of the forgotten Goddesses of The Grindhouse, the late Tina Aumont






















And thats about all there is thats not non-all ages friendly... so this is where we're going to stop... i hope you enjoy...


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  1. I posted this yesterday but it seems to have gotten lost in cyberspace.

    Tina has beautiful, expressive eyes, like some large, soft eyed animal. A deer perhaps.

    And also, its "Deschannel". I <3 Zooey