Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I'm Currently Watching Pt. 2

So with the summer season fast coming up on us all, its time to once again go through the list of what television shows from around the world that I am watching, why? well because I was asked to do so, and because afew of the reviews I've been planning to write up just aren't exactly done yet, so to fill space, I figured what the the hell, lets go for it... ok, ready? set, lets go!!!

Current Programing:


Bones (US)
Satisfaction (AU)
Gossip Girl (US)
Skins (UK)
Durham County (CA)
Secret Dairy Of A Call Girl (UK)
House (US)
In Plain Sight (US)
Raw (Ireland)
Justified (US)
Trauma (US)


The Simpsons (US)
Shameless (UK)
Outrageous Fortune (NZ)
Glee (US)
Being Erica (CA)
10 Things I Hate About You (US)
Family Guy (US)
Robot Chicken (US)
Venture Brothers (US)
The Boondocks (US)
The Cleveland Show [it totally won me over] (US)
Sons of Tuscan (US)

Sci Fi:

Doctor Who (UK)
Survivors (UK)
Being Human (UK)
Fringe (US)
V (US)
Day Of The Truffids (UK)
Strange (UK)
The Misfits (UK)


Kitchen Nightmares (US)
Hell's Kitchen (US)
Ghost Hunters (US)
Ghost Hunters International (US)
American Idol (US)
Hotter Then My Daughter (Seriously its SO bad its hilarious) (UK)
Destination Truth (US)
Man Vs. Food (US)
The Delicious Ms. Dahl

Ended Programing I'm Rewatching:

Afterlife (UK)
Aliens In America (US)
Trailer Park Boys (CA)
Reaper (US)
Burying Brian (NZ)
Boys From The Black Stuff (UK)
The 4400 (US)
Demons (UK)
Swingtown (US)
The Muppet Show (US/UK)
The Witcher (Poland)
Honey West (US)
The Middleman (US)
Sinchroncity (UK)
Hex (UK)
Thunderbirds (UK)
Captain Scarlett And The Mysterons From Mars (UK)

ok yeah again, alot of older series to fill that gap of programing that is every summer... so there we have it... wee!



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