Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This One's For My Mom...

My whole life I've had to listen to my mother rant about how the Lion King ripped off this show, I'm not exaggerating either, she would rant so much so that it makes my ranting about how much Uwe Boll sucks at making films look like a friendly light hearted discussion, its fucking crazy really.... But as she loves to point out, a 32 year old man who collects toys and comic books really has no room to judge anyone for their obsessions.... plus, well come on, the theme is catchy!

Its very clear that Disney completely ripped off this cute lil'fellow, specially if you look into the casts and the like its almost a character for character and scene for scene take, but please, don't let that detract you from enjoying Kimba, or the disney rip off, The Lion King, they are both so very wonderful... I really only mention it so you can be aware of the blatantness of what Disney does, but not take away from how great some of it is..



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