Sunday, June 21, 2009

Torrent Picks 6/21/09

So here we are once again, its sunday and i'm setting up to pick my torrents for the week, this week is kind of a cool one because I tossed that extra set in there the other day, but this is the weekly original one, so we're just gonna roll with it.. because you know, thats just how we are around here :)

Ok with out any farther delay, lets get to it...

Angels and Demons: First off, I'm sorry on the size on this one, I couldn't find a copy of the torrent I got, which is the same size but split in two files, as a movie this size should be, and yes this IS an R5, which is basically a dvd rip way before a dvd rip is available. Now with that out of the way, I picked this film because it takes us all back to a genre of film that I believe to have lost its way, the classic thriller. Something that is often forgotten or over shadowed by toss away sex comedies or over the top dramas or slasher films that are forgotten less then 4 months after their release, the thriller is a staple of world wide cinema, and i feel its been forgotten. Angels and Demons brings back that feel, the classic mystery that leaves you guessing, and doesn't really give you a solid answer, which leaves you guessing more. Even if you don't agree with the subject matter of Angels and Demons and its sister film The Di Vinci Code, the whole religion is a cover up to hide the real truth of our past, or not, its still an entertaining ride and worth watching.

Watership Down: I know I talk about this film alot, and I constantly praise it, but believe me, its well with it. With its alligoy for life and religious and social equality as told through the world of rabbits and other woodland creatures in the hills of central england, this film teaches us that its no matter how it appears, for nothing on this planet is life easy or not complicated. Everything lives, everything believes in their own beliefs, and everything is willing to go to war for its home and ideals. In a sense, we are all in a way, the same be we man or beast, just the packaging is different, that is the one thing above all else to take away from this beautifully dark children's tale. Its a personal favorite, and as many might recall, its one of my 30 greatest films of all time, and its there for a very good reason.

Little Shop Of Horrors: Now, I know that most people are aware of, or atleast remember the 1986 remake of this film, which was infact pure musical comedy brilliance, but not many remember the original film from 1960, which happens to be the version that I have picked today. Oh sure there are many reasons to love this film, the comedicly offbeat acting, the over the top singing, a very young Jack Nickleson singing about being a dentist, puppet plants, just so many reasons, and to be honest i can't pick one that stands out over all of the others, in a sense, this is a perfect film because of that, which is really something impressive for a Roger Corman film, given most of his work involved ridiculously large breasted woman beating the crap out of men for no reason. For those of you that aren't aware of what this film is, or its plot, its a musical comedy about how alot of people deserve to die. it tells the tale of Seymour, a young poor boy that lives under the florist shop that he works in on skid row the poorest part of town, in I would assume new york city, he is in love with Audrey whom he spends alot of his time with, but is dating a repressive, abusive sadistic dentist (played by a very young and apparently very drunk Jack Nickleson), One day Seymour discovers this small plant, it looks somewhat like a Venus Flytrap, Seymour takes the plant to his home and raises it there, not knowing what it is, he calls it Audrey Two, one day he brings it out of his apartment and shows his boss, who exploits him and the plant to gain money, eventually, as the plant starts to die, Seymour discovers by accident, that the plant feeds off human blood, and as it gets bigger entire human beings. I know the idea sounds absurd but in the realm of intentionally bad and over the top comedy, this is just so very perfect.. if you haven't seen this version, you really should, watch it back to back with the 1986 remake if possible, they're just so awesome together.

Black Snake Moan
: Now it might be hard for many to believe, but I love when a film takes a perfect snapshot of a culture and a time, from the over all feel of the film, to the music used in it, to the cast and how they speak, to every single little detail, just a perfect snapshot, and somewhat forgotten film Black Snake Moan is a film that does all of that. The story of a deeply religious blues guitarist who's given it up for the life of a farmer, and the young nymphomaniac he is determined to save from the fires of hell after finding her beaten on the side of the road near death. Its a story of redemption, rebirth, and the evil that we all do, even those who do it in the name of salvation, and in the name of god, oh and its also got some amazingly well placed and well chosen blues music. This film is just beautiful from start to finish. If you haven't seen it, you really should, plus, like the promos stated, everything's hotter in the deep south.

Klass: Remember what I was saying last week about how some films no matter their subject matter and shocking realism just HAVE to be seen? Well thats the case this week with Klass, an Estonian movie about high school and the complexity and violence there in. its the shockingly realistic story of your average high school in Estonia's capital city Tallinn, where you have your basic social classes, of which, is ofcourse the bully and his followers. One kid decides after standing by and watching this bully's power get out of control, to do something about it, and fight back for himself and his classmates to end this reign of terror. The film explores the entire concept of why people bully others, of personal honor and respect, and how they are earned not given out of fear or intimidation. The film is very dark, and very graphic, from start all the way to the shockingly unsettling ending, but when you think about it, the mind of the average high school student thats living in fear of someone else is a pretty dark and twisted place. This is one of those films I've always told people needs to be seen because so many countries were afraid to tell this sort of story, plus this is like, my second favorite Estonian film to date, second only to August Ball, which, if i can find a good copy of, I'll put up here...

Well, thts it for this week, hopefully you all will enjoy them as much as I did, and be back here next week.. so until my next post, blessid be ..



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  1. i'm going to call this week as my First Winter Festival! Winter began today here, and i have got many interesting movies to watch from your last posts. Thank you, BC.
    A very nice week for you too:)