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Torrent Picks 6/28/09

So its that time again, for me to put up some Torrents of movies that hopefully some, if not all of you, haven't seen, or haven't been able to find on your own, or had forgotten were out there, and as always, I hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed finding them for you all.... so with out any more delay, lets get to it...

The Boondock Saints: This is one of those films that you either have too be from where its based and filmed, or know someone thats from there to explain it too you, otherwise you'll end up not fully getting it, atleast thats what I account to the bad reception the film has been given to date. The film is a crime drama that tells the story of two brothers, Conner and Murphy MacManus, two irish catholic brothers from South Boston Massachusetts, who after accidentally killing two members of the russian mafia, get a message from god and start to clean up the city's crime riddled underbelly. Now, sure, you could dismiss it as another crime drama, and i guess many could do that, but there is just something about The Boondock Saints, something kind of realistic, not that i believe the writer's claim that its based on his life story, but if you've never been too, its still a great little story thats become the thing of cult films and legends in my hometown, which i guess is why i'm kind excited to bring it to you all.

Towelhead: I've always found coming of age stories interesting, not exactly sure why, but I've just been drawn to them, this movie is set in the early 1990s and is about a 13 year old girl Lebanese American girl named Jasira as she explores her strange and kind of twisted life, she starts out in upstate new york, where her mother sends her away after she discovers Jasira and her boyfriend in an, uncomfortably sexual situation, she's sent to live with her father, down in Texas, where things become alot worse, she, as most girls her age do, starts to become very aware of her sexuality, and through her curious but trusting nature she allows herself to be molested by the man that lives next door to her father, who eventually commits statutory rape on her do to her trusting and curious nature, she also is very attracted to a black kid in her class who is too scared to make a move on her. The film is a mixture of commentary on youth and sexuality and how confusing it can be, as well as racism and how each nationality treats each other differently even though they dislike it when they are treated differently given their nationality. Its abit graphic and kind of dark given its under age sexuality angle, but much like other films in the same vain, it does not glorify the idea, it just tells the story of some things that happen do to it.

The Night James Brown Saved Boston: I normally shy away from "Concert Films" I've almost always found them to be nothing more then hype for musical acts that aren't doing all that well of feel they have a "statement" about their music or something or another, and on paper, this film was ment to be just that, a movie about the live and stage show of James Brown, but what you need to understand about this film is, it was filmed on April 5th 1968, the day after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., originally ment to just be aired live on Boston's WGBH, a local public television station that is one of the most influential television stations in america, you need to picture it, Its the day after one of the greatest people to ever live has been shot dead for no reason other then dreaming of a better world, the entire united states is in an uproar, every nationality was exploding into race fueled riots over it, and my hometown of Boston was no different, James Brown, less then 24 hours after losing one of his closest friends and biggest influences in the now late Dr. King, steps on stage in the legendary, no now torn down, Boston Garden, one of the most important arenas the world over, and he sings his heart out, he sings his heart out as a tribute to his lost friend, with a heart and voice full of sadness, anger, and fear of uncertainty of what is to come, James Brown shined like the brightest star in the world that night as he sang and preached of unity, of togetherness between all, and pleaded that his friend's death not be in vain, he sang to keep the dream alive, it was true, James Brown Saved Boston, but he also saved the rest of the country that night. I still to this day can not hear the version he did of "try me" that night with out getting tears in my eyes.

The Warriors: In the late 1970s, there was a growing need in movies aimed at "urban youths" across the united states not just be about black people, and those most of the films that did this came across as horrible and lackluster at best, one film, one lonely film stands out as the king of that mountain, a film called The Warriors. The Warriors is about a street gang from who the film takes its name, who after attenting a meeting of all the gangs in New York City, where one gang leader tries to convince all of the other gangs they'd be more powerful if they pooled their powers together, though the idea of liked by all there, one gang leader shoots this one thats trying to end the gang on gang violence, as the police show up to raid the meeting place, they find the shooting, the man who shot him claims it was one of The Warriors, who all have escaped by now, The Warriors find themselves deep inside enemy territory and need to not only get home, but clear their names, for they are wanted by the police and the other gangs now. The film is a brilliantly shot urban city allegory for the Vietnam War, though you could say it takes the plot of any "behind enemy lines" war movie, just swap out the jungle or wilderness or where ever, for the at that point never really touched on "concrete jungle", the film is iconic and very influential, and is still homaged today, mostly the beautifully acted and shot "warriors come out and plaaaaaaaay" scene, where you see a rival gang haunting The Warriors as they hunt them through a Brooklyn neighborhood. This is Grindhouse at its finest, it really is, if you've never seen it, you're seriously missing out.

Harold and Maude: Every generation has those movies that become timeless, and not only stand as a timestamp of that time period's life, but also, will go on and for years after it's been made, will continue to be an influence on the world, like a pebble being tossed into a pond thats ripples are still felt today, one of those films, is a very important to me personally film called Harold and Maude, known as one of the greatest of the grindhouse films, this comedy about how when you are looking for death, all you find is life, and how when you're looking for life, all you find is death, has touched and influenced me in ways that not many others ever could. It tells you the story of Harold, a morbid 18 year old who is deeply depressed and fixated on killing himself, his rich socialite parents dismiss this as cries for attention, and seem somewhat unaffected by it all, in his travels, Harold meets Maude, a survivor of The Holocaust, who refuses to look at the dark and sad side of life, instead chooses to always look at the upbeat side of things, Harold is preplexed by Maude and her ways, and Maude is the same about him, the two embark on a journey together that takes them through each other's souls and through the world they each live in, with serious but mostly hilarious results, its a film that teaches us that love is love, life is life, and though death is sad, there is always happiness in there to, and in that happiness is rebirth. There are many hilarious things about this film, and I have to admit, I'd be rather shocked if some of you hadn't seen it, or if you pass up your chance now...

Ok thats it for torrents this week, sorry this is later in the day then normal, been a busy day here, but I hope you all enjoy, and I'll post again soon..



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