Friday, November 6, 2009

Quentin Tarantino's Top 20 Grindhouse Films

Found this on the net, figured i'd post it...

Quentin Tarantino's Top 20 Grindhouse Films

  1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  2. Dawn of the Dead
  3. Night of the Living Dead
  4. Halloween
  5. Coffy
  6. Rolling Thunder
  7. Five Fingers of Death
  8. The Mack
  9. The Girl From Starship Venus
  10. The Last House On The Left
  11. Master of the Flying Guillotine
  12. Wipeout
  13. The Streetfighter movies ("You just have to kinda consider all three of them together." - QT)
  14. The Psychic
  15. The Lady in Red
  16. Thriller: A Cruel Picture
  17. Suspiria
  18. Hammer of the Gods
  19. The Savage Seven
  20. The Pom Pom Girls
Hmm.. I don't know, I do agree with some of these, but not all honestly,  Im surprised afew are missing, Doleomite, Enter The Dragon and Shaft given how influential those films were and their place in pop culture. I'm surprised And Soon The Darkness isn't there, nor is The Klansman, or the Female Prisoner Scorpion films, or even The Pyx, which is very under rated, sure its not worthy of #1, but it should rank somewhere in the teens. I also don't agree with Last House or Thriller being so low on the list, and really? no Baby Love? Honestly? I would have figured that would be right up The Q's alley... very suprising indeed.

Anyway, thats my thoughts, what are yours?




  1. I have most of these he listed but I agree. I am surprised at the choices overall...where is Duel, Baby Love, I drink Your Blood? He certainly must not have put much thought into his choices, IMHO.

  2. Yeah, i mean Coffy over Foxy Brown or Cleopatra Jones or Black Mama White Mama or The Big Bird Cage?

  3. You know it's probably off the top off the head kinda list, Q is so ADHD about this stuff he more than likely jut rattled some shit off. In regards to you saying something is up his alley Chris, it probably depends on the day and what time he last took his meds lol. All the same decent list. I have nothing to add to it, not actualy being big into the Grindhouse scene, though I'm sure you're going to say I should be because its right up my alley.

  4. well you should, but you'll just be all "haha i knew it"

  5. or what about Greaser's Palace? C'mon Quentin,,,,,

  6. Yeah no shit right? There are alot that are missing that should be there, specially if Quintin's constant talk about how he's the man when it comes to Grindhouse, and yet, this is what he comes up with for his "Best of" list? What did he just name off the first 20 dvds on his dvd rack or something? seriously? Im sorry thats just completely bullshit, hell half the movies he bases his films on aren't even on that list, which really surprises me honestly. I'm actually almost insulted by this guy being seen as the go too guy for the genre i love so much now...

    i mean ok, off the top of my head here are 20 that I'm surprised aren't on there...

    And Soon The Darkness
    Vanishing Point
    Walking Tall (series)
    Dirty Marry Crazy Larry
    Sex And Fury
    Baby Love
    I'm Curious (Blue/Yellow)
    Switchblade Sisters
    The Wicker Man
    Female Prisoner Scorpion (series)
    Black Christmas
    Ms. 45
    Lady Snowblood (series)
    Gone In 60 Seconds
    Season Of The Witch
    Ilsa (series)
    Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!

    I got whole lot more, but thats just 20 off the top of of my head that i'm shocked aren't there, obviously some of Quint's would be on my list if i were to make an official list of my own, as I'm sure if y'all were to make a list some would be there too..

  7. Right on! This "list" of quentin's shows some really glaring issues with his being a "grindhouse afficianado" as he claims to be....I have already listed a few that I was shocked were unmentioned..and here is a few more....

    Hey quentin...ever see these??

    Six String Samurai
    Thriller: A Cruel Picture
    Mad Love
    Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
    Robot Monster
    The Crawling Eye

    Ok, not 20...but I never said I would post 20. My point is my list of movies are for the most part better than any of QT's

  8. He mentions thriller on his list mike. But yeah what you added there are totally worthy of being on the list of the best of all time in the genre, though i might argue that Six String Samurai is Grindhouse Revival, rather then Grindhouse, but thats an artistic point for point, no biggie. Surprised you didn't mention See No Evil, that movie about the blind woman you're always saying is really good though.

    But also yeah we could go on and on and on with this list of worthy movies, hell just sitting here I'm thinking up tons of others that deserve atleast a mention.. but yeah list still pisses me off..