Thursday, December 9, 2010

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Teaser Trailer

Oh how I've been waiting for this! And with it finally a reality, it doesn't look like its gonna let me down like Revenge Of The Fallen did. Before I go through anything else, let me first show you the trailer itself...

Peep this awesomeness...

I'm seriously fighting the urge to squee right now. Seriously.

For those that aren't aware, I am possibly the biggest Transformers fan there has ever been, I have a collection of the toys and comics from around the world thats insured worth is well into the high six figures range, and am a well of knowledge on the subject, and have afew friends who are involved in the creation of the toys, shows and other products involved in the brand. So believe me, when I get excited about something related to this stuff, its worth getting excited about!

Ok enough fueling my nerdgo (its like a nerd ego, get it? haha i kill me), onto the actual trailer and all that is inside, because believe it or not, there is alot of it there. And for the non-transformers fans, I totally hooked you up with links to everything I mentions background so you can follow along as well, you know, cuz Im good like that.

We were told early on that this film had something to do with the moon landing, but we weren't told what exactly, now we see why. There is a giant ship, we're lead to believe if Cybertronian origin crashed on the moon, and the original moon landing was an attempt at investigation, confirmation that its connected to the still at this point in time held in storage and not awoken yet Megatron, and actual conformation that we are not alone in the universe. As they look around the ship, they see all these bodies and eventually you see a large robot down in the base of the hull. Now in Revenge Of The Fallen, we've seen the fate of the Decepticon warship The Nemesis which crashed on Mars, so this one on the moon is more then likely the only ship that could evenly match The Nemesis in battle, The Ark the greatest ship in the Autobot spacefleet. Every continuity where these two ships appear they already have, or will crash after an epic battle. Now we know that The Fallen was housed aboard The Nemesis on Mars, and everyone seems to be saying that the robot shown at the end of the trailer is Alpha Trion, one of the other original Transformers, and in some continuities, the founder of the autobot cause.

The Teaser doesn't show alot, obviously because its a teaser, and it doesn't give us a look at the film's main villain Shockwave yet, nor any of the other new characters other then the possible Alpha Trion, who sadly seems to be missing the beard, but I'm not totally sold on that, his colors and face lend me to believe he's actually a character called The Last Autobot a sort of one time only character who was the be all end all of good with in the transformers race as a whole, he's kind of their Jesus to their god Primus. With the movie series taking place in a universe where Cyberton was either destroyed or something happened to cause it to be unlivable to the transformers in general, it makes sense that if they were all scattered to the stars, someone, probably one of the elders, which is where I think Alpha Trion will come in, might have taken The Last Autobot with them when they fled the planet. But this is just my guess.

Regardless, I am SO Looking forward to this film come the summer... oh and for extra added awesome, the crashed look of the ship on the moon, is a homage to the crashed ship that sat on the moon and served as base to the decepticons in the cartoon Transformers: Armada.

Yes, I am aware I am an ubergeek with no equal. I struggle with that depressing fact every single day of my life.



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