Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun with Wallpaper making

I recently came into ownership of an original poster for the 1968 Italian film "acid" a forgotten drugsplotation movie by Giuseppe Maria Scotese, a film which most only are vaguely aware of given its somewhat iconic and highly sought after promotional poster.

It is that promotional artwork, that I wish to show off abit of my amateur photoshop skills with, mostly because I got bored with my current pc background and wanted something completely different.

First off, lets have a look at what the image looked like at the start... click it for a beautiful super hi-rez version...

From there I decided to first, make just take the image of the woman and make it a black background, you know something simple and not to far above my photoshop talents, which really don't involve this kind of work normally.. Again, click the picture for the full size version

And just for those who wish to keep things as close to original as possible, I made this second version, which keeps the logo intact, and again click for a bigger picture...

Sure they aren't the greatest in photoshop tech, and they probably never will be, but, I had fun making them, and sharing them with you all. And I hope maybe I've inspired afew of you got out there and see if you can find a copy of this movie, its abit of a trip.. haha get it? drug movie? a trip? haha... my american slang is lost on most of you but hey, its still awesome to me... hehe...

enjoy everyone :D