Sunday, May 31, 2009

Torrent Picks 5/31/09

So, I'm sitting here today and I'm thinking to myself "What exactly should I be doing today?" and I thought about it, and normally Sundays are a blow off day for me, nothing all that important to get done, or anything planned out, but still, I feel like i should be doing something. So I decided what I would do is, spend alittle time trolling the depths of the Internet looking for some neat stuff to download, because well, I got nothing better to do, and furthering the filesharing market is pretty important to me, so i figured what the heck, two birds with one stone and all that.

With that said, here are my download movie picks for 5/31/09

Dead Snow: Deep down I think we all like alittle bit of horror, but not that horrible blood everywhere people getting stabbed in the head with an ice pick kind of horror, i think we all deep down like abit of comedic horror, and what better comedic mix could there be then Nazi Zombies being killed by drunken college kids, one of which is a jew? The idea is so over the top hilarious, and the movie attempts to be serious about it, but it too allows for the hilarity and absurdity of the idea. The movie itself, believe it or not, is a great film. Sure its campy and absurd, but the way its shot, its pretty good. So, if you wanna have alittle offbeat dark comedic horror, then go on, give it a shot, plus, come on, nazi zombies..

Fanboys: Fanboys is one of those movies that alot of us in the geek community would never see an actual release, now, thats not really uncommon for us, there are tons of movies that circulate around the geekworld that never see an actual official release, and after about 3 years of delays and moving and all of that, it looked as if Fanboys was going to become one of those films, but, it finally saw release, and thought it didn't do as well as alot of us had hoped, it did get to finally make it to the big screen. The story of Fanboys is as follows: in 1999, a group of star wars fanatics decide to travel to the Skywalker Ranch, the famed location in southern california where George Lucas makes alot of his movies, to steal a copy of Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace before its released to theaters. The movie tells their story as they go about this adventure, mostly parodying the star wars movies as they go, its a pretty funny movie all together, plus the upside of it, it stars my real life arch rival (and fellow Peterborough resident) Sam Huntington, so downloading this is taking money out of his pocket, so, enjoy, pass along to your friends.

Suspension: this is a film about a man who loses his wife and son in a car crash, as he's recovering from his injuries, he rebuilds his son's video recorder, which he soon discovers for some reason has the power to stop time when he presses the pause button. He soon decides that he must use this new found power to help the widow of the man who collided with his family, it soon becomes an obsession for him, and eventually corrupts him. This film is one of those sleeper greats, which I just love, those kind of films where you don't expect much, but you get blown away by what you get, seriously give this a look.

Always: Ok so here is the thing with this movie, its basically Ghost, but with planes and less of that "very special lifetime original movie" feel, oh and also it was made an entire year before Ghost was ever released and allowed to become the over rated trash film that it is. Always is, in story, very similar to a 1943 movie called "A Guy Named Joe", which follows a fighter pilot who's come back as an angel to guide a young fighter pilot, who eventually falls in love with the dead pilot's girlfriend. But where Joe was about fighter pilots, Always is about pilots who use old world war two fighters to put out forest fires, and instead of a pilot dying by being shot down, he's engine catches fire and explodes. The film can at times seem abit bland and sappy, but I find a charm in it that just makes me love it ever so. Plus its the first movie role that actor John Goodman had after being put in the public eye the fall before when he debuted as Dan Conner on the television series Roseanne.

August Rush: This is one of those films that falls victim to what I call "Critical Acclaim Syndrome" which means, critics rave about it, all your friends are telling you that you need to see it, the internet is telling you that you need to see it, but, well, no one's seeing it, so it falls into obscurity to be found filling airtime on lazy weekend afternoons end enjoyed and remembered then, kind of like Bicentennial Man and films of that nature. August Rush is the story of a orphan boy who happens to be a musical prodigy, he claims he can hear music in everything, he claims its a gift from his parents, who he believes, gave it to him so someday, he could use it to find them, or they will use it to find him. The film follows his journey to find his parents, you also find out that his mother is a concert cellist, and his father is an irish rock band front man, they were split apart by his mother's strict father, the movie is as much their journey to find each other again as it is their son's journey to find them. The film though abit heavy handed at times, is beautiful, the music is exceptional, the story in its own sappy way is beautiful, and really should be given a chance to shine.

Well I think thats good enough for now, I'm gonna try and make this a weekly thing, so I'll post more next week.. so until then, enjoy.



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  1. this sunday post was a good surprise and making it a weekly thing will be very welcome:)
    from these i will try to watch at least August Rush and Suspension:)