Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Doctor Who cast is set now...

...and that new cast is, unknown Matt Smith replacing the exiting David Tennant as The Doctor, and also unknown Karen Gillian replacing, well replacing many in the fast few years that were seen as great companions to the man from Galifrey, who travels through time and space in a blue 1950s police box thats bigger on the inside then it is on the outside, putting things right that once went wrong and hoping that each time that the next leap will be the leap home....

Here are some images of the two who will take over the show in 2010...

I don't know, they still look abit too much like the stars of Twilight for me. Though I can't say much about the acting ability of either, with both having so little roles to their credit and those few things being very hard to find in the media gathering markets, so I can't really speculate on if they will be good in the roles or not, and I don't feel its right to really judge them on the way they look. After all I had hardly heard of anything David Tennant did before he took over the role of The Doctor, and after my knee jerk reaction to it, to which my friend Rose can attest too me having, I quickly found out Tennant was probably my second favorite to play the role, next to John Pertwee.

See, for those of you that don't know, I have abit of an affliction for the series Doctor Who, it was one of the few shows me and my father could enjoy together to the day he died, whatever difference we had, we'd put aside and watch an episode, or a marathon, or whatever was being aired on PBS at the time. As I grew up, still loving the show, it was pointed out by a close friend of mine, whom i call Rose, after Billie Piper's character of Rose Tyler, who she resembles in both personality and slightly physically, that I apparently in personality resemble the modern take of the character, most notably Tennant's version of him. Its been a source of comedy for her and I for years, so much so she at times called me The Doctor, no one else really gets it, and thats fine, I don't really care, but its always been a thing for me, it even lead me now and then get emails from Billie Piper herself, which is totally awesome.

I will stop rambling and say this, though i am uncertain of the show's future, I will state, both Matt Smith and Karen Gillian have their work cut out for them working out of their respective shadows, Matt is trying to step out of the shadow of the man alot of people say defined the role and made it fresh and new again, and Karen is stepping out of the shadows cast most notedly by Billie Piper and Catherine Tate, the two of the recent crop of companions who most feel were best in the role, and though they might not seem like a big deal, you have to remember, with out someone to travel with, the doctor is kind of a pointless god like being who just wanders about space trying to not effect anything, which really isn't that interesting.

I do see Matt Smith eventually rising to his own, or he'll be a quick switch, kind of like Chris Eccleston, who did very well in the role, but came off abit too street thug in the long run. As for Karen, well its always been harder for the companion to stand out on their own, given how many good ones their have been in the over 40 year history of the series.

I guess time will tell.



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