Friday, July 17, 2009

So Excited, so very very excited....

I was just reading here that the recently completely restored copy of the brilliant Rashomon is going to be sent out to art house and revival theaters, this is so very exciting for me, because I've never seen the film in a *REAL* theater, I've seen it many times on my private movie screen, but thats a whole other thing seeing a film of that importance and that magnitude in a real theater, its like it enhances the magic or something..

As I've stated many times, if you haven't seen Rashomon, you are missing out on a brilliant and beautiful film by one of the greatest to ever direct a film, if you have the change to see it in a theater near you, with out haist, you must go see it! I'm hoping it comes to Boston so I myself can experience the magic it is, the way it was ment to be seen, first hand!



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