Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun With Netflix

Ok so, the other month after helping out a good friend, as a thank you because they couldn't give me gas money or like order some take out or something to pay me back for my help, they gave me a one month free trial for Netflix.

For those of you that aren't aware of what Netflix is, its one of the services that basically put the video rental business out of business. Direct to your home via mail and then mail back rental service that allows you to pick any movie regardless of genre, or country or any of that awesome stuff, you can also get tv too, and now, you can also instantly stream movies and tv to your television via dvr or video game system or your computer as well. I use my PS3 because, well, my PS3 is awesome as can be and lovely at streaming things.

So anyway, I've been testing it out, sense I'm lazy and sometimes don't wanna spend the money to buy a blu ray I'm gonna only watch once or twice, I figure 10.99 a month for one at a time discs plus unlimited streaming over the net isn't a bad deal at all. Its actually pretty good till blu ray becomes more common place I think anyway. Plus, again, unlimited streaming, you can't beat that with a stick, a sharp pointy stick with dog doo or a fish head on it, or both even, but really thats just the stick related stuff of the major leagues, not the minors like so many of us are only worthy of.

I find myself using the streaming more then anything though, I just love the idea of it all. I watched the entire first season of Rocky and Bullwinkle and all their godzilla movies in one day, it was pretty epic around the old homestead. They have a great library really, its totally worth checking into, you'd be amazed what they really have included in their online set up. Some of which I'm gonna do some review of, now that I've got the blog working again.

Anyway, thats it for now, just really enjoying this and felt the need to share, back soon with more!



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