Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Is My Kind Of Theater District

These were taken for me by my good friend Lylian while she was on vacation in europe, its a very popular section of Paris France thats name translates to The Elysian Fields, its some of the very little french i can speak or translate, my french is super horrible given that all I did in high school french was check out my super hot french teacher, so don't blame me for not speaking good french, blame Madam Wheeler and her super short miniskirts.... sorry, that just came out. Anyway The Elysian Fields is one of the more popular shopping, eating and culture districts in Paris, she felt the theaters and movie theaters and (I think) film studio, reminded her of me, given that i am all about the movies the theater and stuff.

Now, you're asking yourself, "why is it important she took these and sent them to you BC?" aren't you? Well see, The Elysian Fields is the name of the apple orchard I own, and with it being a movie theater as well, she felt they both just meshed together so well it was just too much like me to not take pictures of, so with out any farther delay, I shall share afew of them with you, you know, for fun... and cuz you gotta see how eurotheaters kick the ever loving crap out of american theaters.... ok here we go...

Its a great look around for anyone thats never actually seen a non-american style theater or block of theaters, or just a great look for anyone thats a fan of culture in other countries..

thanks Lylian for the shots!!!




  1. You are very welcome BC, my Elysian friend, big warrior for cinema,culture and all awesome stuff:)

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