Friday, October 30, 2009

What I'm Watching Currently

I've always said, like it or not, Television is the most important medium we have in this time period. Oh sure, radio and film are very important too, but through Television, we can reach the most people, tell the most stories, and express our inner dreams and desires the most, sure alot of it is crap, but honestly, no more then you find with movies or music or literature, so it all evens out in the long run, so with that said, I felt that for no other reason then my need to post more on here, I figured I would share with all of you, a list of what is currently on the air or being made, and ended or canceled shows, and who knows, maybe you can find something you've never heard of, but wanna give a try, or find out we're both fans of something, I'm gonna list them by genre, you know, so there isn't any confusion and such...

Anyway, in classic speedbuggy fashion... a'room'a'zoomzoom! and away we go!

Current Programing:

Sons of Anarchy (US)
The Fixer (UK)
Bones (US)
The Closer (US)
Satisfaction (AU)
Flashpoint (CA)
Gossip Girl [shut up everyone is allowed one guilty pleasure series] (US)
Skins (UK)
Robin Hood (UK)
Durham County (CA)
Underbelly (AU)
Saving Grace (US)
FlashForward (US)
Mental (US)
Secret Dairy Of A Call Girl (UK)
Tangle (AU)
Numb3rs (US)
Packed To The Rafters (AU)
House (US)
Burn Notice (US)
In Plain Sight (US)
Crash (both US and UK versions)
Hotel Babylon (UK)
Trinity (UK)

The Simpsons (US)
Shameless (UK)
Outrageous Fortune (NZ)
Glee [seriously if you ain't see this, you gotta amazingly funny] (US)
Being Erica (CA)
Corner Gas (CA)
How Not to Live Your Life (UK)
Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia (US)
10 Things I Hate About You (US)
Weeds (US)
Eastbound and Down (US)
Family Guy (US)
Eastwick (US)
Robot Chicken (US)
Venture Brothers (US)
The Boondocks (US)
Mark Love Sharon (AU)
The Hollowmen (AU)
No Heroics (UK)
Scrubs (US)
Monk (US)

Sci Fi:
Doctor Who (UK)
Torchwood (UK)
Dollhouse (US)
True Blood (US)
Eureka (US)
Survivors (UK)
Being Human (UK)
Heroes (US)
Warehouse 13 (US)
Sanctuary (US)
Fringe (US)
Primeval (UK)

Reality: (half of these are work so shut up eric)
Hell's Kitchen (US)
Ghost Hunters (US)
Ghost Hunters International (US)
American Idol (US)
Canadian Idol (CA)
Australian Idol (AU)
The X Factor (UK)

Ended Programing I'm Rewatching:

Afterlife (UK)
Aliens In America (US)
Tripping The Rift (CA)
Trailer Park Boys (CA)
Reaper (US)
Burying Brian (NZ)
Boys From The Black Stuff (UK)
Land Of The Giants (UK)
Carnivale (US)
The 4400 (US)
Demons (UK)
Jurassic Fight Club (US)
Life On Mars (both US and UK)
Kath and Kim (AU cuz the US one sucked!)
Dead Like Me (US)
Swingtown (US)
The Muppet Show (US/UK)
The Witcher (Poland)
Survivors [1970s version] (UK)
The Champions (UK)
Honey West (US)
The Middleman (US)
Twin Peaks (US)
Sinchroncity (UK)
Hex (UK)
The Champions (UK)
Jericho (US)
Harper's Island (US)
My Name Is Earl (US)
Freaks and Geeks (US)
My So Called Life (US)
Thunderbirds (UK)
Captain Scarlett And The Mysterons From Mars (UK)

ok well I'm watching alot of older shows right now... this list could take awhile

Anyway, thats it for now, hope some of you have found some shows you didn't know i watched, or are curious about, so feel free to ask away...



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