Sunday, October 18, 2009

Torrent Picks 10/18/09

Well its that time of the week again, time for me to put together a small list of movies for all of you to take a look at and hopefully enjoy as much as i do, or more so even, you never do know... Anyway lets get to it shall we?

Barbarella: Here is the plot; Barbarella (Jane Fonda) is a 41st century space girl who goes on a hunt for the missing scientist/inventor Durand Durand. If she fails, the world may come to an end with the return of war. So Barbarella takes off in her lavish space craft only to crash on Planet 16 where she is attacked by monster children and carnivorous dolls. Fortunately she is saved by Mark Hand (Ugo Tognazzi). Moving on, Barbarella once again crashes her ship in the Labyrinth of Night where she meets Pygar (John Philip Law), a blind angel. She also meets Professor Ping (Marcel Marceau) who advises her to go to city of Sogo. En route she meets up with the Black Guards, has a dogfight with them, and crashes for the third time. In Sogo Pygar is kidnapped by the great tyrant (Anita Pallenberg). Barbarella is attacked by budgies then sucked underground by Dildano (David Hemming), and captured by Dildano’s concierge. She realizes that the concierge is really Durand Durand who wants to use his great invention to take over the world. This is one of my favorite toss away trash movies, sure its kind of lame, sure its kind of silly and stupid, and sure I hate Jane Fonda with a passion, but you just can't hate this film, its just so bad that it becomes awesome by the simple fact that it IS bad. Remember, even if a film is bad, it can be great because of how bad it is.

The Blue Lagoon: here is the plot; When Emmeline, a young girl (Brooke Shields,) and Richard, a young boy (Christopher Atkins), are marooned on a deserted tropical island, they are cared for by Paddy (Leo McKern ),the ship's cook, who is the only other survivor of their ship. He teaches them basic modes of survival but soon dies. The children are left to fend for themselves. They learn how to forage for food and how to avoid island dangers, such as poison berries and the side of the island from which emanates the sound of ominous drumming. As the children mature, they develop a sexual attraction and consummate the relationship. Emmeline becomes pregnant and Richard delivers their baby boy, whom they name Paddy. There are many adventures and perils in their family life, which conclude dramatically and mysteriously. This is one of those films that people always talk about being good, and never seem to see anymore, or never gets shown any real love in the critic world other then to say its good. Sure its abit low budget by today's standard, but its still a very good watch, specially if you haven't seen it before now.

Cashback: This is one of those forgotten outside of the cult fanbase it has type of films that I think really deserves alot of attention, but know will never get it, anyway here is the plot: Following a devastating break-up with his girlfriend, Suzy, art student Ben Willis (Sean Biggerstaff) can't get her out of his head. His obsession develops into insomnia, with the long hours of the night leading to intense boredom. Seeking to do something which his now unused time, he finds employment at a local supermarket. While there, he slowly learns of the other misfits who share the night shift with him, all lead by an obsessive boss. After several weeks without sleep, Ben finds something very unusual. He appears to have developed the ability to 'pause' the world around him, stopping time for everyone except himself. He uses this power to further his artistic ambitions, using it to undress and sketch the female shoppers. But while immersing himself in the world of late-night supermarket shoppers, his own life is essentially on hold. To escape this rut, he must somehow move beyond his obsession with Suzy and get his career as an artist back on track. This really is one of those surreal trips into the mind of a single human being that shocks you when you realize just how far we as a people can go if we're on our own and with out rest.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button: This is the recent big budget film version of this classic american story, and though alot of people felt it too long or to heavy handed, I didn't mind it all that much really, sure it drags in the middle, but alot of epics do that, some drag from the middle all the way till the end, or drag from the state almost all the way to the end, then pick up in the last 20 minutes or so, so don't let that get you down, anyway here is the plot: Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) is born as an old man. Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) takes him in as her own. He ages in reverse. In Queenie’s nursing home, one of the residents has a grandchild called Daisy (Cate Blanchett), whom he meets and befriends. They fall in love eventually. However, at one point he also carries on an affair with Elizabeth Abbott (Tilda Swinton), who is married. He tends to act passively while Daisy is more aggressive. Benjamin’s unusual life is shown as he becomes a sailor and also a lover of motorcycles. Benjamin’s life is recorded in a diary, which Daisy’s daughter Caroline (Julia Ormond) reads to her when Daisy is near the end of her life. Don't let the mixed reviews scare you on this one, its well worth the time and viewing.

Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers:
here is the plot of this one: Dr. Russell Marvin (Hugh Marlowe) and his wife Carol (Joan Taylor) drive through the desert one hot summer night. During the drive, they notice some strange object on the horizon, and Carol identifies it as a flying saucer from outer space. The saucer sends a coded message to Marvin, which he decodes when he returns to his military base. The message asks for a meeting between world and alien leaders, and will take place in just under two months in Washington. During the meeting the aliens express their intentions to take over Earth. Now it is a race against time for Marvin to concoct a weapon powerful enough to defeat the aliens of Earth will be doomed. This is one of those films thats so horribly made and laughable that it becomes awesome by the simple fact its so bad people actually believed it was realistic back in the 1950s when it was made. I mean honestly, this is really no different then any other 1950s alien invasion drive in classic, but I gotta tell you, its still hilarious to watch, and to see on screen, plus you can see wires and stuff, its a laugh riot, even if it wasn't intentionally so...

Anyway, thats it for this week, i hope you all enjoy as much as i enjoyed finding them for you...



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